The Best Ski Slopes in Asia

Winter Season: Nami Island, Korea

This winter season is best spent outdoors, and KKday is here to show you some of the best ski slopes in Asia! Here are our top 4 picks for the snow season. Seoul, Korea: Ski Lessons at Vivaldi Park If you’ve only lived in tropical climates and humid weather, winter sports can be both exciting

Now’s Your Best Chance to See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

When it comes to the Northern Lights, photos just don’t do them justice. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this celestial spectacle constantly makes its way onto every traveler’s Bucket List. This natural phenomenon occurs when gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles from the sun. The result? Grand aural displays of

6 Things To Do in Okinawa This Winter Holidays

(doctorho) Looking to escape the unforgiving heat of Singapore as the peak travel season approaches? With temperature ranging from 16 to 20°C, as well as cheaper flights and accommodations during winter, Okinawa is the perfect destination for you! KKday shows you 6 ways to enjoy Okinawa this winter. 1. Dive or Snorkel at the Blue Cave