5 Cafes in Tokyo You Die Die Must Try

Photo credit: Flickr / Wei-Te Wong Omotesando and Harajuku are best known as Japan’s center of youth and street-fashion, but between the alleys of these streets lies unsuspecting desserts that you might miss if you’re not aware of that these sweet treats exist. You don’t return satisfied till you taste the delectable dishes these 5 cafes

10 Must Eat Street Food in Japan

  Photo credit: Flickr/ Nelo Hotsuma Food is one gateway to fully immerse and understand the culture in a foreign country. You may be skeptical about eating street food when you’re overseas but your fears are unfounded here in Japan — on a scale of one to ten, the possibility of you suffering a bout

6 Strangest Themed Restaurants in Japan

Photo Credits: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g600101/photo/interior/ Themed restaurants is not a new concept in Japan but they have been steadily gaining popularity in the recent years. With the increasing competition, themes are no longer limited to just decorations — these eateries even provide entertainment to engage guests during dinner. If you’re ready to experience Japan differently, KKday brings you the

10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats

There are so many treats and snacks in Tokyo, and they all taste soooo good! With so much to choose from in the local convenience stores and train stations. If you need help deciding what to bring home for your family, friends or even for yourself!. Let KKday share with you the 10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats! #10

Sending Postcards from Japan

In Japan as well as regular postcards, you can find limited edition Gotochi postcards everywhere! Both design and postage costs differ from the usual ones. If you like to collect postcards as mementos of your travels, or like to make your friends jealous from all the cool places you’ve been to, don’t miss out on this!