The 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya Shopping District

From high-end to thrift shops, high-fashion to otaku culture, Tokyo has it all. But the large city can get overwhelming to explore. Whether you’re hunting for something as specific as an authentic samurai sword, or you just want to casually browse standard department stores, you’ll be able to find it in Tokyo. Ginza You don’t talk about

10 Must-Try Tokyo Treats

Tokyo has so many little snacks and sweets it can be be a little overwhelming to choose. Whether you’re bringing back something for friends, family, co-workers or perhaps yourself (we won’t tell), KKday rounds up the best of the best. Your tastebuds can thank us later! #10 Limited Edition KitKat Flavors Just like Thailand’s limited

6 Money Saving Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. Unfortunately Japan’s capital city is also a notoriously expensive place to go. What can we do about it? Well, have you considered staying in one of the capsule hotels? Tokyo has many capsule hotel options and they’re great for cutting costs. KKday sorts out the

5 Cheap Eats in Tokyo

  With the rise of budget airlines in Asia, it has never been cheaper to get yourself a ticket to Tokyo. Unfortunately once you get to Tokyo you may find other things are a little expensive. Japan is a shoppers paradise and after you’ve bought cute souvenirs, snacks, fashion, cosmetics and electronics you may find

4 Special Proposal Spots in Japan & Korea

  The time has come! You’re ready to take that next step in life’s journey, marriage! If you’re fretting about the proposal, panicking about what to say when you finally pluck up the courage and pop the question, sorry, we can’t help you with that! The location though? You’re gonna need somewhere special too right?