The Best Night Markets in Taiwan

Night markets are an essential part of everyday Taiwanese life and culture, a place to meet, socialize, eat and shop. Almost every city and town in Taiwan has one, and in many cases multiple, night markets. There is always something for everyone, and one of the best things about them is wandering from stall to

5 Traditional Breakfast Joints in Taipei

A perfect day starts with the perfect breakfast. Start your holiday right with a real traditional Taiwanese breakfast? KKday introduces five great, authentic Taiwanese breakfast get you going for your day in Taipei! 1. Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk (taipeieats) Passed down for three generations, Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk is

5 Most EPIC Bars For a Happening Night in Taipei

Oaxaca Old Fashioned (R&D Taipei) There’s so much more to Taipei’s night scene than just night markets and clubs. If you prefer chilling and lounging around with your travel buddies, rejoice — KKday explored the streets of Taipei to find these 5 bars you absolutely have to visit during your holiday in Taiwan. Time to go bar hopping in

5 Sweet Taipei Dessert Cafes

If you’re enjoying the delights Taipei has to offer but get a sudden attack from a pesky sweet tooth, not to worry! Taiwan is heaven for desserts, snow ice (shaved ice) came from here, so did bubble tea! Taipei has an abundance of choice when it comes to picking out a nice cafe with an even nicer