Must-Buy Korean Snacks

If you’re anything like us, when you’re abroad you like to snoop around the local supermarkets and convenience stores too, checking out what the locals like to eat, while you’re there you might grab a snack (or six) too. Here’s our list of our favorite snacks to munch on and bring back for our friends

10 Must-Try Tokyo Treats

Tokyo has so many little snacks and sweets it can be be a little overwhelming to choose. Whether you’re bringing back something for friends, family, co-workers or perhaps yourself (we won’t tell), KKday rounds up the best of the best. Your tastebuds can thank us later! #10 Limited Edition KitKat Flavors Just like Thailand’s limited

6 Must-Buy Korean Snacks

Lotte Mart is where a lot of Koreans go to do their grocery shopping, it’s super convenient, often located next to subway stations and it’s also a great place for tourists and visitors to stock up on sweets and snacks to bring home for friends and co-workers. Here are 6 of our favorites, enjoy! 1. Banana Milk

6 Beauty Products You MUST Buy in Korea

How can you leave South Korea before taking advantage of the awesome beauty products on offer? From the trendy gradient lips on K-pop stars to BB cream that gives you dewy skin and even cosmetics with LINE merchandise printed on them, Korea simply has it all. KKday brings you 6 beauty products all under 25,000

10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats

There are so many treats and snacks in Tokyo, and they all taste soooo good! With so much to choose from in the local convenience stores and train stations. If you need help deciding what to bring home for your family, friends or even for yourself!. Let KKday share with you the 10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats! #10

Sending Postcards from Japan

In Japan as well as regular postcards, you can find limited edition Gotochi postcards everywhere! Both design and postage costs differ from the usual ones. If you like to collect postcards as mementos of your travels, or like to make your friends jealous from all the cool places you’ve been to, don’t miss out on this!