5 Best Places to See Maple Leaves in Taiwan

A definite chill in the air coupled with the sly, subtle change of season that leaves an unmistakable colorful flair — soon it’ll be the time of the year where summer melts into autumn again. Autumn in Taiwan is ideal for a visit, the weather is much more welcoming and the beautiful nature and maple trees make it visually stunningContinue reading

4 Ways to Experience a Splashing Good Time in Taiwan

Cannon-balling into the water (qweddings) It’s the hottest time of the year again. Don’t you just want to cannonball into the water now, only resurfacing when you feel refreshed and rejuvenated? With the sun scorching down during summer, water activities are making waves in Taiwan! A country surrounded by water and filled with waterfalls, streams and beaches, KKdayContinue reading