Getting Around Jeju

Jeju is a wonderful place to visit but, anyone who has been there will tell you, that getting around isn’t that easy. This is especially true if you don’t understand Korean. There is no metro system and away from the biggest attractions it can be tough to find a taxi. Not to worry, KKday isContinue reading

Why YOU Want to Visit Korea

KKday together with Taiwanese travel blogger, Xiao Li, recently ran a survey asking for your biggest reason for wanting to visit Korea, those who answered are in with a chance of winning a free trip Seoul! We received a huge range of answers, from “finding true love” to “absolutely everything!” Here are your biggest reasonsContinue reading

Korean Table Manners

  Perhaps you’ve been there, seen  it on TV or heard from from friends that table etiquette in Korea is a little different. If you need to brush up on your skills for a  trip or perhaps have Korean friends or clients that need entertaining, and you’re trying not to make a mess of it,Continue reading

4 Cultural Korean Highlights

If you think of Korea, what are the first places that come to mind? Hongnik? Dongdaemun Market? Shopping? Cosmetics? There is a lot more to Korea than just this. In recent years a number of lesser known creative and cultural hotspots have sprung up in and around Seoul. Let KKday share a few secrets withContinue reading

5 Uniquely Korean Experiences

  No matter how many times you’ve been to Korea, if you haven’t yet experienced these activities, you can’t really say you’ve been!  KKday picks out some experiences for you to get a deeper, closer look at Korea. #1 Korea’s Time Honored Anti-Aging Secret Koreans have been using Hanjeungmak, a traditional sauna, for over 600Continue reading