Visiting Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Every year, as winter turns to spring, people from all over flock to the Japanese Alps to see the outstanding scenery and journey along the remarkable alpine route up in the Tateyama Mountain Range. For those planning a trip to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, you may have already found out that traveling around the Japanese countryside,Continue reading

6 Money Saving Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. Unfortunately Japan’s capital city is also a notoriously expensive place to go. What can we do about it? Well, have you considered staying in one of the capsule hotels? Tokyo has many capsule hotel options and they’re great for cutting costs. KKday sorts out theContinue reading

Japanese Hot Spring Etiquette

Planning a trip to a Japanese hot spring or onsen? There are a few small things to be aware of first before you rush in. Take a look at KKday’s guide to onsen etiquette to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments and ensure your visit is as relaxing as possible. No Tattoos Many onsen places in JapanContinue reading

5 Cheap Eats in Tokyo

  With the rise of budget airlines in Asia, it has never been cheaper to get yourself a ticket to Tokyo. Unfortunately once you get to Tokyo you may find other things are a little expensive. Japan is a shoppers paradise and after you’ve bought cute souvenirs, snacks, fashion, cosmetics and electronics you may findContinue reading

The Delicious Secret to Kobe Beef

Kobe, basketball legend, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and almost certainly the home to the champion of all beef. For a piece of beef to be named Kobe beef isn’t easy, it needs to meet a certain standard, and that standard is very high and very strict. So what’s the difference? And what does a pieceContinue reading

Getting the Full Kyoto Experience

  Everything about Kyoto just bursts with tradition and culture, there are few better places to look for a glimpse into Japan’s fascinating past than their previous capital city. With white winters, orange autumns, pink springs and green summers, Kyoto looks spectacular no matter the season with each bringing it’s own distinct mood, backdrop and seasonal color.Continue reading