Seoul’s Coolest Cafes

In recent years Seoul has become a major player in the coffee shop scene. Fashionable city spots Samcheong-dong, Myeong-dong and Jongno are seeing cool cafes popping up tempting passers-by with their warm mugs, refreshing drinks, tasty snacks and cute cakes. KKday has put together a list of the coolest cafes in Seoul, so you can

5 Cafes in Tokyo You Die Die Must Try

Photo credit: Flickr / Wei-Te Wong Omotesando and Harajuku are best known as Japan’s center of youth and street-fashion, but between the alleys of these streets lies unsuspecting desserts that you might miss if you’re not aware of that these sweet treats exist. You don’t return satisfied till you taste the delectable dishes these 5 cafes

5 Sweet Taipei Dessert Cafes

If you’re enjoying the delights Taipei has to offer but get a sudden attack from a pesky sweet tooth, not to worry! Taiwan is heaven for desserts, snow ice (shaved ice) came from here, so did bubble tea! Taipei has an abundance of choice when it comes to picking out a nice cafe with an even nicer

10 Things You Must Eat in Penghu

Central Street in Penghu (billy1125) How can you not eat fresh seafood when you’re in Penghu? Famous for its beaches, you can catch a glimpse of newly-harvested seafood, ranging from oysters to fishes, in almost every stall. Pair that with a bowl of shaved ice (similar to our beloved ice kachang, but slightly more atas)

6 Insta-Worthy Eateries To Visit in Macau

Macau, the Las Vegas of the east, while it’s true that this island is probably most famous for it’s glamorous hotels and swanky casinos but everybody gotta eat right? So step away from those black jack and roulette tables for a moment and go get something to eat. This former Portuguese colony has an abundance

Guide to Classic Hong Kong Style Dessert

Mango Tofu Pudding at Honeymoon Dessert (Flickr/ Karendotcom127) We all know Hong Kong is a food paradise, but did you know that it’s a dessert heaven too? KKday shows you the different desserts Hong Kong has to offer from the traditional to the hot and cold ones. Mango Pomelo Dessert (Flickr/ liminchiu) 1. Every bowl