5 Places to Have a Beer-y Good Time This Oktoberfest

Photo credit: Flickr/5chw4r7z   Finally, it’s the time of the year where beer lovers can gather to chug down pints of beer with a legit reason — Oktoberfest gives all beer lovers something to rejoice without feeling guilty so take this opportunity to visit the different breweries and learn how to pair your beers with local beer snacks! Enjoy Oktoberfest in full swing

6 Handy Tips For Paris Budget Travellers

Photo credit: Flickr/ Abir Anwar Ahhh, the City of Love. Other than the reknown Eiffel Tower, what is Paris known for? Every bit of Paris, from plane tickets to accomodation, can be painfully expensive, deeming this city an unreachable goal for fresh graduates looking for a grad trip destination. The Paris expert at KKday put together