The Best Night Markets in Taiwan

Night markets are an essential part of everyday Taiwanese life and culture, a place to meet, socialize, eat and shop. Almost every city and town in Taiwan has one, and in many cases multiple, night markets. There is always something for everyone, and one of the best things about them is wandering from stall toContinue reading

The Ultimate Food Guide to Hualien, Taiwan

 (William Tai) Hualien, Taiwan’s largest county, is best known for its mountainous beauty and coastal landmarks. Home to the Taroko National Park, Hualien lures tourists in with its natural attractions and scenic landscapes but that’s not all to Hualien. The charming city is teeming with culinary treasures, like a bonus food haven for every Taiwanese cuisine lover.Continue reading

5 Traditional Breakfast Joints in Taipei

A perfect day starts with the perfect breakfast. Start your holiday right with a real traditional Taiwanese breakfast? KKday introduces five great, authentic Taiwanese breakfast get you going for your day in Taipei! 1. Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk (taipeieats) Passed down for three generations, Qin Lao Shi Soybean Milk isContinue reading

Full Guide to Kenting, Taiwan

No trip to Taiwan is complete till you visit the southernmost tip of the island, Kenting. Located in Pingtung County, Kenting is a popular holiday destination amongst travelers and locals for the tropical climate, water/land activities and natural landscape. Kenting is home to gorgeous natural scenery, tropical forests, meadows and seaside cliffs. For the best that KentingContinue reading

5 Best Places to See Maple Leaves in Taiwan

A definite chill in the air coupled with the sly, subtle change of season that leaves an unmistakable colorful flair — soon it’ll be the time of the year where summer melts into autumn again. Autumn in Taiwan is ideal for a visit, the weather is much more welcoming and the beautiful nature and maple trees make it visually stunningContinue reading