Our Favorite Milk Tea Places in Tawain

Milk tea first started becoming popular a few years back. Its sweet, syrupy take on the normally bitter drink quickly made it a favorite midday pick-me-up. Nowadays, you can find milk tea shops everywhere serving all kinds of varieties and flavors. Milk tea was born, raised, and perfected in Taiwan, and is definitely something you

The Best Night Markets in Taiwan

Night markets are an essential part of everyday Taiwanese life and culture, a place to meet, socialize, eat and shop. Almost every city and town in Taiwan has one, and in many cases multiple, night markets. There is always something for everyone, and one of the best things about them is wandering from stall to

The Ultimate Food Guide to Hualien, Taiwan

 (William Tai) Hualien, Taiwan’s largest county, is best known for its mountainous beauty and coastal landmarks. Home to the Taroko National Park, Hualien lures tourists in with its natural attractions and scenic landscapes but that’s not all to Hualien. The charming city is teeming with culinary treasures, like a bonus food haven for every Taiwanese cuisine lover.