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10 Smart Travel Essentials to Help You Travel Like a Pro

The word ‘smart’ has taken on a different meaning these days. Anything that wears the adjective is usually portable, interactive, and connected to the internet—just like the everyday millennial professional.

Our gadgets have definitely enhanced the way we experience new things and share them with our friends and family. But when you’re traveling and away from the familiarity of home, you have to be smart—and by that, we mean alert, prepared, and organized. Make the most of your trip with these #packinghacks and making sure you’ve got these essentials.

A Local Sim Card

One of the most common travel horror stories of the 21st Century are the outrageous data charges on your phone. Figuring out a reasonable roaming plan with your carrier is nearly impossible, and access can’t always be guaranteed.

A communication line is one travel safety measure you just can’t scrimp on. Your best option? Unlock your Smart Phone and purchase a local Sim Card. Not only will the price come out significantly cheaper, but you’ll have guaranteed connectivity.

Take advantage of Prepaid Sim Cards that also offer internet access and messaging apps like WhatsApp or LINE, instead of expensive phone calls. Purchase a local sim through KKday for easy travels all over Southeast AsiaNorth AmericaEuropeKorea and Japan!

Pocket Wifi

These days, the best survival tool is internet access—especially when faced with a language barrier. Not all places have free public WiFi, so having a pocket WiFi device ensures that you have access to things such as updated maps, instant translations, and current foreign exchange rates.


Some countries also have their own home-grown apps built for fun and entertainment. Check out your app store for things like local restaurant guides and digital coupons.

Whether you’re traveling to Taiwan, Korea, Japan, or Europe, stay connected when you book with KKday!

An Outdoor Phone Case

Smart phones have just gotten better and better with the years, replacing the need to bring guidebooks, maps, and even laptops, plus the added bonus of useful travel apps. But high functionality can also mean highly fragile.

Investing in a good phone case can save you a fortune on phone repairs.

Whether you’re hiking up mountains, river tracing, or shopping in the street market, keep your phone protected from the elements.

A Portable Charger

Map, camera, Google Translate, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram— all these open apps will sap the life out of your phone before the train stops.

Depending on your travel itinerary, it could even be days before you can charge your phone at regular wall socket. Keep a power bank in your bag; some of them can give your smartphone 5 full charges!

Universal Adapter and Multi-Device Charging Cable


Leave behind the bulky cords that’ll just magically tangle up in your flight. Instead, pick up a multi-device charging cable and universal adapter. Whether you’re in the airport, your hotel, or out in town, you’ll be able to charge all your devices.

Action Camera with a high-capacity Memory Card

How does the saying go? “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.”

Tuck your camera inside your pocket and whip it out whenever you want to snap a photo

And with today’s action cameras, you get incredible quality in the palm of your hand, with the durability to stand every kind of travel adventure (READ: Bangkok Activities for Adrenaline Junkies) Just make sure you include yourself in the photos once in a while!

RFID Blocking Passport Pocket

Sadly, better technology also means better criminals. Traveling—especially traveling abroad—requires you to have your money and identification on hand, and this can leave you an easy target for wireless identity theft.

Keep all your valuables on hand and in check.

An RFID-blocking wallet will keep your ticket, passport, and credit card organized and secure from preying thieves.

Laptop backpack

The key to packing light is to use things that are both multi-purpose and versatile, and your luggage is no exception.

Go from the office to the tour bus without switching bags!

A heavy duty laptop backpack in a solid colour will take you from your business meetings to your tour bus, all while keeping your belongings safely in check from both mother nature and pickpockets.Go from the office to the tour bus without switching bags!

Gadget Organizer

Being a digital nomad can have its perks, but messy cables isn’t one of them. Don’t waste precious travel time on just untangling all your gadgets.

Everything gets its own pocket—even your tiny memory card!


Keep everything in one place for easy access with a gadget organizer that conveniently fits into your carry on luggage and work bag.

Luggage Scale

One of the most annoying but avoidable expenses when traveling is excess baggage. But bathroom weighing scales hardly accurate enough for travel, and guesstimating weight changes in your luggage is a downright pain.

Check your baggage weight before every flight.

A lightweight digital luggage scale can save you a lot of time, stress, and money and will force you to pack as lightly as possible for your next backpacking adventure. Our recommendation? Check out Thailand’s Chiang Mai for incredible sights, interesting people, and great food.

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