This is Not a Joke – Here’s How You Can See the Milky Way in Taiwan!

Nature lovers and fellow wanderlusters, I’m sure you’ve heard of Alishan in Taiwan. At Alishan‘s peak, you can witness a sea of fluffy white clouds dancing with the wind, turning the scene into a blazing chaos of red, orange and purple before the sunsets. But did you know that you can also catch the Milky Way on Alishan?

Now you don’t have to fly halfway across the globe to take insta-worthy shots of the Milky Way! Don’t say we didn’t warn you – prepared to be awestruck by the wonders of Mother Nature on Alishan!

Let KKday complete your Alishan experience with the different tours we offer:

>> Alishan Mountain Range Day Tour
>> Alishan Human Ecology Journey
>> Taiwan Summer Solstice 235-Watch the sunrise on the Alishan Forest Railway, and Ecology and Cultural Experience Trip

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