10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats

There are so many treats and snacks in Tokyo, and they all taste soooo good! With so much to choose from in the local convenience stores and train stations. If you need help deciding what to bring home for your family, friends or even for yourself!. Let KKday share with you the 10 Tastiest Tokyo Treats!

#10 Assorted Flavored Kit-Kat

Wasabi and Strawberry Cheesecake Flavoured Kit-Kat
Wasabi and Strawberry Cheesecake Flavored Kit-Kat (Flickr/ Isriya Paireepairit)


With the wide variety and assorted flavors of Kit-Kat that Japan offers, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you are feeling adventurous, get the Wasabi or Apple Vinegar Kit-Kat!
▶︎ Where to buy: Kit-Kat Chocolatory in Ikebukuro, regular supermarkets

#9 Royce Nama Chocolate

Royce Nama Chocolate
Royce Nama Chocolate (Royce Chocolate Taiwan)


Chocoholics should have already heard of Royce. Founded in Sapporo in 1983, the top favorites are their best selling Nama Chocolate and the well-loved Chocolate Coated Potato Chips. Both of which are must buys!
▶︎ Where to buy: Narita or Haneda Airport

#8 Cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
Cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory)


Made with ingredients from Japan and around the world, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has plenty of cookies to choose from, such as the Salt & Camembert. The combination of unexpected flavors and nostalgia makes these cookies stand out from their competitors.
▶︎ Where to buy: Tokyo Sky Tree, Haneda Airport Terminal 1, 2

#7 Tokyo Nicorin

Tokyo Nicorin
Tokyo Nicorin (Nikkei Trendy Net)
Shaped to resemble the symbol of Tokyo Station, Tokyo Nicorin are little sweet cakes filled with four different flavored bean paste – matcha red bean, red bean, green tea and sweet potato. You cannot miss this local favorite of many.
▶︎ Where to buy: Ground floor of Central Station


#6 R.L Waffle Cake
R.L Waffle Cake
R.L Waffle Cake (R.L Waffle)
R.L Waffles is a soft waffle cake sandwiching cream. Made with Japanese in mind, the hand-sized waffles come in flavors like orange, chestnut, strawberry and so on. If you are indecisive or want to try all the flavors, get a box of ten!
▶︎ Where to buy: Tokyo Station (for the full-list of stores click here)
#5 Gomatamago Sesame Egg
Gomatamgo Sesame Egg
Gomatamgo Sesame Egg (Tokyotamago)
Gomatamgo literally means “black sesame egg” and it is a cake shaped like an egg with a generous amount of sesame in the centre and an outer layer of white chocolate. It is best to enjoy this Japanese Western fusion snack with a cup of tea!
▶︎ Where to buy: Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo Railway Station (click here for more)
#4 Hiyoko Manjuu
Hiyoko Manjuu
Hiyoko Manjuu (Tokyo Hiyoko)
Hiyoko” means little chicks in Japanese; this tidbit is made from flour and has a sweet white bean paste filling. You can choose to get this top selling souvenir from Fukuoka in a small or large box. Expect special seasonal flavors on certain months too!
▶︎ Where to buy: Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo Railway Station (click here for more)
#3 Tokyo An-Pudding
Tokyo An-Pudding
Tokyo An-Pudding (
This box of eight individually packaged Tokyo An-Pudding is topped with Hokkaido red beans instead of the usual caramel. The pudding has a dense yet creamy texture that tastes even better chilled. This snack is perfect for quick pick-me-up!
▶︎ Where to buy: Daimaru Department Store
#2 Tokyo Honey Sugar Yoku Moku
Tokyo Honey Sugar Yoku Moko
Tokyo Honey Sugar Yoku Moko (YOKUMOKO)
Voted as the most popular souvenir in 2014, Tokyo Honey Sugar is a part-waffle, part-cookie sweet treat you cannot miss out on! Infused with honey, the crunchy honeycomb-shaped snack has a subtle honey flavor. You can your hands on a box of six at ¥594 (~SGD $7.30)
▶︎ Where to buy: Near Shinkansen South transit ticket gate
#1 Tokyo Banana
Tokyo Banana
Tokyo Banana (Tokyostory)
One of the most popular souvenirs, Tokyo Banana is a sponge cake filled with banana custard cream in the centre. There are a few different patterns and prints to choose from like floral and leopard prints, and they even come in caramel flavour. Give them all a try, you will love it!
▶︎ Where to buy: Tokyo Skytree, Daimaru Department Store, Hanada Airport Terminal 1, 2

There you go! That’s our recommendation for the 10 must buy tidbits in Tokyo! Hopefully, we narrowed down your options for you. While you’re there, here are top 10 street food you must try in Japan.>> Find your best travel experiences on KKday!