Why You Should Take Your Family to Busan, South Korea

Busan, Korea: Busan City Bus Tour with the family

Traveling as a family can be tough. Between rowdy kids, grandparents who can’t walk too much, and actually enjoying the sights—well, you get the picture. And the truth is, not every destination is family-friendly.

But KKday is a team of seasoned travelers, and we all started traveling with our families. That’s why we know our stuff when recommend you take your next family trip to Busan, South Korea. We’ve rounded up a list of reasons why this place is perfect for you and your loved ones!

1. It’s affordable.

Busan is considerably more affordable that Seoul. There are a number of great budget accommodations, from hostels to an Airbnb. As for transport, you can get around the extensive trains with a T-money card, or hail a cab with a low flag-down rate.

Korea: The T-money pass gives you access to Korea's extensive train network
Korea: The T-money pass gives you access to Korea’s extensive train network

You’ve also got plenty of food options, from sit-down restaurants to street food from the markets. Don’t pass up the chance for some Korean Barbeque! And another plus? Most of these Korean eateries close late at night.

2. The stunning sights, all year-round

Busan, Korea: Mt. Gayasan in the Fall
Busan, Korea: Mt. Gayasan in the Fall

Busan is a scenic, coastal town full of stunning beaches, disappearing islands, lush natural parks, and cultural villages. In the summer, locals and tourists flock to Haeundae Beach and in the spring, many drive through the scenic Dalmaji Hill Road. This autumn, experience the fall foliage and head to Mount Gayasan and the Cheongdo Rail Bike.

3. Touring is convenient and easy

Busan, Korea: Busan City Bus Tour
Busan, Korea: Busan City Bus Tour

Busan is Korea’s second-largest city, which makes it seem daunting to see all the great sights with a limited time. Luckily, you can easily book a comfortable Day Bus Tour  of Busan’s major sights and attractions, or a private guide. This is great if you’re traveling with elders or children.

4. Busan’s incredible seafood

Busan, Korea: Fresh Seafood
Busan, Korea: Fresh Seafood (Flickr/Mr. Kototo)

Busan is a port town and apart from the stunning beaches and coastal attractions, it has Korea’s best seafood. Don’t pass up the chance to eat jogae gui at a seaside restaurant. This freshly caught shellfish is grilled with a sauce of melted butter and onions, and a dash of soy sauce. Wow, we got hungry just typing that out!

You can spot these restaurants near any of the coastal sights like the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, the Taejongdae National Park, or the Gamcheon Cultural Village. Or, you can head straight to the Gijang Market, which is full of sea crab restaurants and also sells different kinds of produce. Book a tour to these sights over here with KKday!

5. All the great shopping

Busan, Korea: Gukje Market in the Nampo-dong District
Busan, Korea: Gukje Market in the Nampo-dong District (Flickr/Eirien)

Are you going on a trip with your mother, daughter, or sisters? Or maybe you’re on the lookout for some great deals and finds for everyone back home. Busan has a market for just about anything. The most famous one is the Gukje Market, established as a place for Korean War refugees to sell all sorts of goods. You can also check out Busan’s upscale department stores and stalls, where you can find a number of international brands.

7. Incredible Festivals

Busan plays host to a number of incredible festivals you can enjoy with the family. For Dads who love to watch movies, there’s the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) which screens some of the best of up and coming Asian filmmakers and and actors. If your siblings are in to K-Pop, check out the Busan One Asia Festival.

Busan, Korea: Busan International Fireworks Festival
Busan, Korea: Busan International Fireworks Festival

But for a spectacular event everyone in the family can enjoy, we recommend watching the Busan International Fireworks Festival. Sit and enjoy this spectacular pyrotechnic display from Gwangalli Beach, with heaps of Korean street food and barbeque just by the sidewalk. We guarantee that you’ll be talking and reminiscing the sights over lots of future family dinners and get-togethers.

Ready to set off to Busan?

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