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Watch Out for These 10 Outrageous Laws Overseas!

Signboard in Japan
Signboard in Japan (Flickr/ halfrain)

Who would have thought that the mundane things we do on a typical day could be considered rude or even illegal overseas? Did you know that it is illegal to fart in Florida after 6pm on a Thursday? While ridiculous is an understatement to describe some of these laws, there are other laws in place that are essential for the society. An example of that is China’s one-child policy. Nonetheless, let us take a look at the 10 most outrageous laws overseas!


Peeing into Portugal's sea is illegal
Peeing into Portugal’s sea is illegal (Flickr / Marius Mihai Popescu)

I’m sure most of us have peed at the beach at least once when we were young. Be careful in Portugal! It’s illegal to pee in Portugal’s sea. Although it is unclear how can you be caught doing that if you’re stealthy about it, you shouldn’t take the risk. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your holiday locked up in a police station, justifying your laziness, especially if the toilet is just nearby!

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Illegal to climb trees in Canada
Illegal to climb trees in Canada (Flickr / Sumner Caughey)

Over 60% of Canada’s land is covered by forests, making the woods an asset to Canada. Therefore, it is a crime to climb trees Oshawa, Ontario.


Do not be alarmed if the butler brings in an electrician after you broke a bulb. In Australia, only electricians with licenses are allowed to change a light bulb legally. Breaking a bulb in Australia can be troublesome because normal citizens are not allowed to change light bulbs on their own at home!

Why not take a walk along Great Ocean View while waiting for your electrician’s arrival?


If you live in a flat in Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm. Guys are not allowed to pee while standing up too! Don’t ask us how are they going to check on that one though…


You can't feed pigeons in Venice
You can’t feed pigeons in Venice (Flickr / Brian Uhreen)

Feeding pigeons with your other half sounds like a scene right out of a chick flick but the reality is far from such. According to a law implemented in 2008, it’s illegal to feed pigeons in Venice due to health considerations.


It’s illegal to go out without your undergarments in Thailand. Even if you’re high from all the cheap drinks and even forgot your name, the one thing you must remember is to put on your undergarments. While we’re not sure who would check, we’re not going to take the chance when we’re there!

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Southeast Asia

Having Durian in hotels are illegal
Having Durian in hotels are illegal (Flickr / Jason Eppink)

Found prominently in Southeast Asia, the king of fruits, durian, comes with a pungent smell you’ll either love passionately or grow an intense hatred for. Therefore, it’s illegal to eat, or even bring, durians to a number of places in Southeast Asia including trains, buses and airports.


Obesity is illegal in Japan! Laws implemented by the Japanese government requires citizens from 40 to 74 years old to regularly measure their waist – males shouldn’t exceed 85cm and females 90cm. Otherwise, citizens will be sent for health education programs. Companies promoting unhealthy lifestyles that contribute to obesity can even be fined!

Ironically, Japan is famous for their sumo wrestling tournaments.


An advocate for freedom of speech, young adults in America can begin casting their votes at 18 but are only allowed to purchase alcohol after their 21st birthday.


Come on, with the complaining we do all the time, do you really think our very own garden city wouldn’t make the list? We have our fair share of laws deemed absurd by foreigners and the most commonly quoted one is our chewing gum ban!

If you’re a frequent traveller, you’ll realise how clean our streets are compared to other countries – this is because we take pride in having a clean and green city, resulting in the prohibition of chewing gums. You’ll not be able to find any shops selling chewing gums here and you’ll need a doctor’s letter to buy nicotine gum in pharmacies for smokers who want to quit.

Explore our garden city if you haven’t already done so!

With that being said, when travelling, it’s best to research on your destination’s culture to not offend any citizens accidentally. It’s important to have fun but also remember to stay mindful and respectful!

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