The 8 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

It’s a known fact that Bangkok has an exciting nightlife with never ending flurries of activities going on. From bars to night clubs to concerts and much more, you’ll never be bored in this lively city! Each night market in Bangkok is unique and has its own charm.

Found all over the city and in various places like the red light district, Chao Phraya river or right beside Chinatown, each night market has its own niche, character and specialities. Here’s KKday to share our 8 favorite night markets in the city for you to enjoy.

1. (NEW!) Suan Lum Night Bazaar

(Suan Lum Night Bazaar official website)

Reopened only five months ago, in December 2015, you might remember Suan Lum Night Bazaar from its glorious days in Lumpini Park. However, please remember to not head there because this popular night market has since relocated to a convenient area near Chatuchak Weekend Market. With 1800 stores now, the size of Suan Lum Night Bazaar is comparable to Pratunam Market! our-star hotels, boxing gyms, a variety of magic and cabaret shows surround the vicinity, making this a vibrant environment to be in when the night falls.

▶ Public transport: Take BTS to Lat Phrao Station | Ratchadaphisek Exit 2
▶ Address: 5 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Champon, Chatuchak Bangkok, Thailand 10900
▶ Operating hours: Everyday from 18:00 – 12:00
▶ Recommended allocated time: 3 hours
▶ Other useful information: Official website | Facebook

2. Jatujak Green (JJ Green)

Lively and busy shopping district in Bangkok
Jatujak Green in Bangkok (Skyscrapercity)


Rows of shops at Jatujak Green in Bangkok
Rows of shops at Jatujak Green in Bangkok (JJ Green official Facebook page)

Similar to Chatuchak Weekend Market, Jatujak Green, better known as JJ Green, sells retro style merchandise and antiques in addition to the standard clothes, shoes and accessories that night markets usually have. If you’re constantly reminiscing the good ol’ days of the past, you’ll grow to love tis night market!

Other noteworthy features of JJ Green includes the bars and restaurants situated nearby with remarkable decorations, making it ideal for a night to eat and drink with your family and friends. If you’re here on a Friday, you can even make a stop at Chatuchak Weekend Market nearby.

▶ Public transport: Take BTS to MoChit station or MRT to Chatuchak Park, Exit 1 for both options, and walk for about ten minutes
▶ Operating hours: Thursday – Sunday, from 18:00 – 01:00 (bars may be opened till 02:00 or 03:00)
▶ Recommended allocated time: 3 hours

3. Rot Fai Train Night Market

Popular night markets in Bangkok
Rot Fai Train Night Market in Bangkok (Rot Fai Train Night Market Facebook page)


Rot Fai Train Night Market holds unique shops (Flickr/ Arch MerciGod)

The history of Bangkok’s train night market begins in the abandoned railway at Thailand Railway Bureau. Initially famous for cheap secondhand goods and antiques, Rot Fai Train Night Market retained its charms even after relocating. Now selling brand new clothes, groceries and yummy street food as well, you can satisfy the foodie and shopaholic in you at the same time!

With three meeting points, it’s even easier to split up during shopping to make the most of your time and set a time to meet up with your friends after you’ve all gotten your desired loots! Although this is not the most fashionable market around, it’s a night market suitable for all ages. Locals enjoy hanging here with their family and friends too.

▶ Public transport: Take BTS to Udomsuk and take taxi after
▶ Address: Next to Srinakarin Soi 51, Seacon Square Mega Shopping Mall
▶ Operating hours: From Thursday to Sunday, 18:00 – 01:00
▶ Recommended allocated time: 3 hours
▶ Other useful information: Facebook
▶ Tip: Don’t look down on Seacon Square Mega Shopping Mall; located in front of Siam Paragon and Cantral World, this is Thailand’s largest shopping mall!

4. Chinatown Night Market

Chinatown Night Market is a popular trading centre
Chinatown Night Market in Bangkok

Located in the vicinity of MRT Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line, better known to Singaporeans as MRT Blue Line, Chinatown Night Market used to be THE trading place for gold collectors. Overtime, due to its popularity with locals and immigrants, the market diversified to sell Thai street snacks with a western twist as well. Coupled with affordable prices, you’ll be spoilt by the choices available in this foodies paradise.

▶ Public transport: Chaophraya Express ferry then disembark at Ratchawong Piern station | Take the subway to Hua Lamphong Station, then walk for 10 minutes
▶ Recommended allocated time: 2 hours
▶ Recommended store: Century-old Lin Zhen Xiang pork floss shop
▶ Tip: Within walking distance, in between Chinatown and Khao Shan Road, there’s a famous Thai restaurant, Thip Samai Noodle, recognisable by the snaking long queues outside all the time.

5. PatPong Night Market (and the red light district nearby)

螢幕快照 2016-01-22 下午5.25.37.png
PatPong Night Market in Bangkok
螢幕快照 2016-01-22 下午5.25.44.png
PatPong Night Market is situated near Bangkok’s red light district

Situated near Bangkok’s famous red light district, this night market caters mainly to buyers of imitation goods. Because this place is frequently packed with tourists, the prices are marked up so remember to slash the prices by at least 70% before making your purchase!

Trust us, the main purpose of visiting PatPong Night Market is not for the abundance amount of food available but to experience the atmosphere of Bangkok’s red light district. Lined with an infinite amount of bars on both sides of the streets, you should take a walk downtown even if you don’t drink alcohol.

Be awed by how Soi Thaniya looks like an authentic Japanese street and experience the thrill of outright stares from shuai ges in Boy Street. There are also transvestite, pole dancing and Muay Thai shows, if you’re a visual person. The variety of shows you can catch here will completely blow your mind!

▶ Public transport: Take BTS to Sala Daeng, Exit 1 for Patpong Night Market, Exit 3 for Boy Street, Exit 4 for Soi Thaniya. All three are within walking distances of each other.
▶ Operating hours: 18:00 – 12:00
▶ Recommended allocated time: 3 hours
▶ Tip: Stay together in a group and avoid going up second floors of the bars, where extortion is common especially when it gets chaotic.

6. Asiatique

Asiatique in Bangkok (Flickr/ Maichael Saechang)


Stage performance at Asiatique (Flickr/ vinylmeister)

If you have friends heading to Bangkok, you can be sure that Asiatique will be in their itinerary. Surrounded by Phraya River and a signature Ferris wheel, Asiatique is bright and spacious – its atmosphere a vast difference from all the other noisy street night markets in this list.

Walking in, you can see rows of boutiques selling a diversity of things including designer items, silverware and Thai silk. If your family and friends are bugging you for presents from Thailand, this is the place for cheap souvenirs as well!

Take a break after some hardcore shopping, have a hearty meal then head to the night market nearby to catch a transvestite show or Muay Thai performance.  If you don’t have much time in Bangkok, skip everything else and head to Asiatique. This is THE market to satisfy all your needs!

▶ Public transport: Take BTS to Saphan Taskin station, then you may choose to walk or catch a free shuttle ride from Sathorn Pier.
▶ Recommended allocated time: 4-5 hours
▶ Recommended things to do: Watch Calypso transvestite show and Muay Thai performances, ride the Ferris wheel to see Bangkok at night and eat buffet on the cruises.

Tip: Food is more expensive here and you should buy show tickets in advance online as it will be cheaper.

7. Khao Shan Road

Streets of Khao Shan Road in the day
Streets of Khao Shan Road in Bangkok
Vendors at Khao Shan Road sell a varying range of products
Bustling shopping district in Khao Shan Road

Well known amongst backpackers, many stop at Khao Shan Road on their way to The Grand Palace or Wat Arun. During the day, an idle atmosphere fills the road. Under the unlighted colourful neon signs, you’ll discover vendors offering massage, henna or selling handicrafts. When dusk falls, the crowd gets energetic with the live bands in the bars and open-air restaurants. The night is always young in this area!

▶ Public transport: As there is no direct train here, the easiest way is for you to take a cab.
▶ Recommended things to do: Other than eating, you can attend Maliwan Thai Cooking Class nearby to bring the authentic Thai food back home!

Tip: There are more places to sit down and enjoy your meals here compared to the usual night market style of eating as you walk.

8. Artbox Thailand (pop up store!)

Artbox Thailand is an art and lifestyle market
Artbox Thailand is a popular shopping district in Bangkok (Artbox official Facebook page)

Thailand is known for its creativity and this night market is a prime example! Since its launch in June 2015 as a art and lifestyle market, Artbox has been well received by both local teens and travellers alike. More than just selling art and crafts, there are themed activities launched with different festivals.

Be it bags of blood to satisfy the Edward Cullen in you or Thailand’s iconic mango sticky rice in sushi form, the food sold here is distinctive from the rest. You can’t help but admire their creativity!

▶ Public transport: Take the BTS Phrom Phong Station, Exit 6 out along Sukhumvit Rd by Benchasiri Park can be reached.
▶ Address: 238/7 Sukumvit 55 Thonglor 8, Bangkok, Thailand
▶ Operating hours: From Friday to Sunday, 15:00 – 12:00
▶ Other useful information: Official website | Facebook

Tip: Vendors in this market don’t usually accept cards so leave some cash on hand. Because this is pop up store, remember to check the operation dates to prevent making a wasted trip! The current dates Artbox will be available in Bangkok are 3-5 June, 10-12 June, 17-19 June and 24-26 June 2016 (subjected to change).

With this handy chart you can see that even if you spend a full week in Bangkok, there’s a night market for you to shop till you drop everyday! Ladies, don’t be afraid that your boyfriends would be bored out of their minds because other than shopping, there are numerous other things you can do in Bangkok.

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