3 Best Spots Around the World to Have a Picnic

The Best Places Around The World For A Picnic (Tumblr)

Today, picnic is a way for us to get closer to nature and spend time with our family during good weather but did you know that picnics were strictly royal social activities in Europe during the 18th century?
There were even waiters laying elegant tableware during those outdoor
dining occasions!

Overtime, people became more creative with their picnics. You can now have a picnic anywhere by the beach, in the mountains, by the waterfall or even up in a tree! Here we have 3 best and unique spots around the world for you to have an impressive picnic.

1. Outdoor movie + car + snacks = drive-in theatre

 Drive-in theatre (Thomas Hawk)

If you are a big fan of retro designs, you’ll surely be impressed by this drive-in theatre! In New Jersey 1933, a man named Hollingshead set up a projector in his car and nailed a screen in his backyard, forming the idea of a drive-in theatre.

 Drive-in theatre (Jack Pearce)

The concept of drive-in theatre became a big trend from 1950s to 1960s and you could easily find large parking venues with outdoor screens structure together with food vendors that sold snacks, making the drive-in theatres comfy. Not only that, certain drive-in theatres had picnic tables set up as well as a playground and programs for children.

Later, as the popularity of coloured television soared, drive-in theatres became a dying trend and was eventually replaced by flea markets. However, there are still few places with drive-in theatres, especially in New York City. When visiting drive-in theatres, remember to bring along snacks and drinks to relive the good ol’ days!

If you are around NYC, end your trip in a unique manner with a helicopter tour of New York; this earns you endless bragging rights when you return to Singapore!

2. Dine in Bora Bora’s water

Lodges built above water at Bora Bora (Gengish Skan)

Bora Bora is the dream vacation of many Singaporean hearts. The island, surrounded by houses built on water, greets you with beautiful skies every morning and twinkling stars every night. If you get sick of the sun, you can even jump into the sea for some fun!

Dining on water ensures a unique experience (Boraboraislandguide)

Picnics here are special – local boat tours will take visitors to an island called Moto for picnics in the sea. Whether you are there as a couple or family, the experience of sitting in the sea, enjoying beautiful views and traditional dishes, fresh local fruits, vegetables and some wine is definitely one you can never forget!

3. Have your lunch under cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Bert Kimura)

One of the top things to do in Japan during the cherry blossom season is to have a picnic. Both Japanese and tourists alike gather under the cherry blossom trees yearly to eat and enjoy the beautiful sight. Bring your family here during the end of March to the start of May, the best timing of the year, to witness the cherry blossom!

Dining Under Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Joolie)

Nights with cherry blossoms, known as Yozakura, are special as well. During this time, locals will hang paper lanterns on the trees and set up tables outside to have romantic dinners in their kimonos under the blossom trees.

If you’re travelling to Japan as a family, there are many other activities you may consider to have am enjoyable time as a family!