5 Snacks You Can Find by Tokyo’s Train Stations

There are lots to do at the Kichijoji Station: you can play football at the Tokyo Musashino City FC, visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, or explore the shopping area. But whatever you do, you’ll work up a big appetite. Don’t miss out on these snacks next time you’ve hop off the station!

1.  Satou Beef Balls さとう

Satou Beef Balls: Tokyo, Japan snacks
[/media-credit] Smell the sweet onion the moment you take a bite!

You haven’t been to Kichijoji if you haven’t tried the fried beef balls! Satou is a meat poultry store that sells Matsusaka steak, beef steak, fried snacks and now beef balls. The beef balls are fried to a golden brown, and with just one bite, you’ll taste the delicious juicy stuffing and sweet onion. One beef ball cost about 200 yen, and if you buy more than 5 beef ball, it will only cost 160 yen each.

2.  Kichijoji Large Bowl どんぶり

Kichijoji Large Bowl: Tokyo, Japan snacks
Kichijoji Large Bowl

With all sorts of beef, pork and chicken available, this is a must-try for all the meat lovers. The owner likes to challenge customers to finish an entire bowl for themselves. A large bowl usually costs 600-850 yen.

3. Kebab House いせや

Kebab House: Tokyo, Japan snacks
[/media-credit] Savor the juicy meat kebabs after a long day of work.

Let the aroma of the barbecue lure you in, and just follow the smoke and long lines. This place is a long-time favourite of many Japanese commuters who come here after work, and is often full of people. Choose from sticks of pork tongue, pork cheek meat, small tender muscles, to chicken skewers. The best part? Each stick costs just about 80 yen!

4. HARBS Melaleuca Fruit Cake

Harbs Melaleuca Fruit Cake: Tokyo, Japan snacks
The dessert choices can vary, depending on the fruits available

Many visitors describe HARBS Melaleuca cake is the only Japanese food they will eat. There are many branches in Japan and the one in Kichijoji is located in the station アトレ (atre) mall B1. A lot of fresh fruits goes into making Melaleuca cake, and is as pretty as it is delicious. They use sour cream instead of sweet cream,  giving the cake a unsually delightful flavor.

5. Woodberry’s Yogurt Ice Cream

Woodberry's Yogurt Ice Cream: Tokyo, Japan snacks
[/media-credit] Experience a unique sweet-sour dessert!

This mini-shop may not catch your eye the first time you glance around, but Woodberry’s Yogurt Ice Cream has become a household name in Tokyo desserts. The company is known not only for its distinctly light, sweet-sour taste, but also for cooperating with local farm-based production for the fruits. The flavors may be different each day, depending on the ingredients they choose to use, so keep coming back to try them all!

Tokyo is full of food, with bountiful budget options, street food on the corners, to the famous sit-down restaurants. And for things to do, be sure to check out KKday for all sorts of things to do in Japan this holiday!