4 Things to Do in Australia This Winter Under SGD$120 [Limited Seasonal Offer]

Dying from Singapore’s blistering heat and sick of our year-long summer? Gone are the days when only we whine and complain about the sweltering heat on Twitter or Snapchat since a trip to Australia in winter is so affordable now!

Known for its unique wildlife and vast landscapes, Australia is synonymous with adventure and there are endless ways to explore this country filled with more kangaroos than people. Sieving through the list, we came up with 4 things for you to do this winter in Australia, all under SGD$120!

1. Day Trip Around Mornington Peninsula

Indulge in a relaxing spa in Victoria's first natural hot spring
Embrace the slow pace of life in Melbourne

If you fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, catch a tour in Melbourne’s most popular holiday destination, Mornington Peninsula. Take pleasure in the slower pace of life in southeast Melbourne with activities like a relaxing stroll along rows of colourful houses and soaking those muscle aches away in Victoria’s first natural hot spring.

Get lost in an bewitching maze garden as your new refreshed self before ending your day with atas wine. Does it sound like fantasy come true already? This one day trip might be what you need to recharge from your mundane life in Singapore!

>> 1-Day Trip Around Mornington Peninsula

2. Camel Riding in Uluru

Go camel-riding in Melbourne
Camel-riding in Uluru

Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to travel all the way to Middle East to ride a camel! An award winning adventure, this is the best way for you to taste the authentic wilderness in the northern territory of Australia. Make your journey against the magnificent backdrop in the brilliant sun, ogling at the beautiful sights of Uluru.

Camel riding by the sunset in Uluru, Melbourne
Camel riding by the sunset in Uluru

If you have more budget, opt for a sunrise or sunset tour, staying close to Mother Nature while you catch the first or last ray of sunshines atop a camel. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, be the envy of your friends when you have your guides take some movie-worthy shots for you while you ride your camel!

>> Camel Riding in Uluru

3. Exploring Alice Springs

Learn about Australia's rich cultural heritage with the Alice Springs
The Alice Springs in Australia

Located 1500km away from the nearest major city and surrounded by red desert, Alice Springs is the perfect escape for city dwellers. Embrace Uluru’s beauty and learn about Australia’s rich cultural heritage – this town holds many untold stories with its rich history dating back to WW2. Home to many splendid local and Aboriginal Art pieces, this quaint town is sometimes known as the Aboriginal Art capital of Central Australia. Art and cultural lovers should not miss this out!

>> Half-day Tour to Alice Springs

4. Uluru Field of Light art installation and sunrise experience

Embrace the beauty of Australia
The Amazing Landscape in Australia

Bruce Munro’s passion for lights began in Uluru more than two decades back, when he got inspired by Australia’s natural lights and landscape. Wander along 50,000 spheres of light in the desert, watch the amazing transformation of colours as the desert comes to life when the sun creeps its way up the horizon.

Australia is the ideal holiday destination for you and your loved ones.
Travel with your loved ones to Australia

Possibly one of the more peculiar sights you can witness in Australia, enjoy the watching the light dance around the fields as darkness falls, capturing photos of the stunning landscape while in the arms of the person you love.

Tip: Prebook your tickets online as spaces are limited and they tend to sell out quickly!

>> Uluru Field of Light Art Installation & Sunrise Experience

No matter which state you choose to go, Australia is packed to the brim with endless surprises all year round. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your family or friends, there’s a place in this remarkable country for everyone, even if you’re on a budget!

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