5 Reasons You MUST Visit Seoul With Your Sisters From Another Mother

Photo credit: Flickr/ Sabrina Lin

Sisters before misters! There are endless guides for romantic places you can visit with your boyfriend but what about a getaway with your sisters who have been there for you through the ups and downs in your life?

South Korea is definitely the top choice when it comes to traveling with your girlfriends – other than the outrageous amount of beauty products, make up, shopping, delicious Korean cuisine, there are endless amount of cute Korean guys for you to ogle at! These are just the kind of things only girls can understand, adding to another of our five reasons you have to visit Seoul with girlfriends.

1. Clubbing

Clubbing overseas is a different experience – unleash those dance moves because no one recognises you in the clubs and the people who do, your sisters, will never judge you. With no boyfriends or parents to report to, go ahead and drink to the fullest because you know your sisters will be there to hold your hair if you puke – a mark of true friendship. A big group of you can even pool in money for a table so that you don’t have to be standing the whole night and split the cab fare back to your hotel.

Tip: Unlike the clubs in Singapore, you don’t have to specially dress up for the occasion or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Additionally, the last Friday of every month is known as a special club night when you can get access to 10 clubs with just a 20,000 won (~ US$17.66) ticket. Pssst, we have insider info that the guys in those clubs are HOT!

2. Beauty

It’s almost illegal to say you visited Korea and didn’t haul boxes of beauty products back home! A girl can never have too many BB cream, lipsticks, eyeliners, blushers… The list goes on forever. Even if you find that the product doesn’t suit your skin or taste later, you can always bring them back and sell them on Carousell. After all, the prices of beauty products in Korea are so cheap that no matter how cheap you sell them back home, you’ll still be making a neat profit!

If you want to shop without breaking your wallet, check out our post on 7 beauty products from Korea under SGD $22.07!

3. Underground shopping

Photo credit: Flickr/ Sabrina Lin

No matter how good natured your boyfriend is, he will get a shock of life when he sees the amount of shopping you plan to do in Korea. Not your sisters though! Your personal promoters, handbag carriers and professional opinion givers, no one contributes to South Korea’s economy like your sisters do.

If you’re looking for cheap shopping spots, we have 10 must go shopping areas to recommend!

4. Jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse)


Separated by gender, if you were to visit jjimjilbang with your boyfriend you will be bored to death with no one to chit-chat with in the sauna room. It’s just as awkward being in the sauna with your family members, making you want to escape within the first half an hour. With your girls, however, you’ll experience non-stop chattering and enjoy hours of gossips as you brave through the extreme differences in temperature together, bringing your friendship to a whole new level.
Looking for the biggest steam room in Seoul frequent by K-celebs? We recommend Dragon Hill Spa!
5. Desserts
Photo credit: Pooh Lin

The difference between the diet of guys and girls is that guys prefer eating one heavy meal while girls prefer eating smaller, lighter meals. It’s hard to coordinate meals with your boyfriend, especially when you’re always craving for desserts! When it comes to your sisters, even if they don’t have sweet tooth, those rainbow cakes are too insta-worthy to resist!6. Fan-girling

Photo credit: Flickr/ Republic of Korea

Other than your sisters, how will anyone else understand or tolerate your love for your Oppas? Your mothers, no matter how much they love Korean dramas, can never differentiate one from another and your father doesn’t understand your obsession with them. No one else will run around Seoul going to places to relive Descendants of the Sun moments with you or  Real K-pop dance class, so it’s up to your sisters to take up that duty!

With so many things to do in Seoul that you typically can’t do with your family or boyfriend, it’s safe to say that you haven’t truly enjoyed your holidays till you visit Seoul with your sisters!