A Complete Guide to Tsukiji Market — The Ultimate Seafood Paradise in Taiwan

Tsukiji Market, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is filled with crowds everyday and it’s easy to understand why once you sink your teeth into dishes made from ingredients found in this fishery. Seafood lovers mustn’t give this seafood paradise a miss! If you’re planning to cook yourself a meal in Taiwan, this is the most convenient way to get fresh seafood. After reading this guide, we are sure that you will definitely be coming to this supermarket to get your seafood.

Upon entering, you’ll notice a small living aquatic area where you can personally pick your seafood and request the chef to cook it on the spot for you. The place is divided into several segments such as sushi bar, seafood bar, treasures of the sea, fruit juice bar etc. This place has almost everything you need (and even some things that you didn’t know you need!) like sashimi, sushi, cooked food, barbecue, fruits, seafood, meat, flowers, daily necessities and even a bar!

With so many sections and products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first step into Tsukiji Market. No worries, let us give you a tour around this place!

Top 3 reasons why this is the best supermarket!

Highest value for money: While on the lead for the highest value for money seafood, people are usually stunned at the low prices here. Yes, you heard us right! The prices for the fine cuisine, sashimi and sushi are lower compared to prices outside. If you are lucky you might even get grilled seafood or sashimi tickets — a bluefin tuna belly sashimi could be going for only 18NT (~SGD $0.75)!

Convenient and efficient: If you visit on a weekday, you can even have all the food lined up in front of you for you to slowly make your choice! It’s way faster to shop this way as everything you need is literally in front of you. You can either bring your meal back to your hotel to enjoy it slowly or you can devour your food at tables and chairs set up in the supermarket.

The most diverse selection: Tsukiji Market will never lack anything you need! You can find appetisers, grilled food, sashimi, sushi, bento rice, desserts and even drinks all under one roof.

4 must buy supermarket products:

1. Sashimi or sushi

Photo Credits: Flickr / Falcon Photography

2. Grilled or cooked food

Despite not being grilled immediately, the food sold is still fresh. With the high volume of people visiting Tsukiji Market, the food is mostly sold as soon as it’s grilled. With only 30NT (~SGD $1.25) you can feast like a king with barbecued shrimps or fried fish! Besides grilled or fried food, there are many choices of food available like Miso soup. You can still have a healthy meal for those who are on a diet or afraid of fatty or oily food.

3. Desserts  macaroons

Although chilled, many people still love the taste of these macaroons. Other than macaroons, you can also find chestnut cake, apple pie, matcha ice cream, fried durian and many other classic desserts!

4. Domestic and imported fruits

Indigestion when travelling is a common problem amongst many; hence, the need to buy fruits back as midnight snacks. In this leading supermarket, there’s a dazzling range of fruits that are either domesticated or specially flown in from Japan! The fruits here are also generally cheaper compared to those sold in other supermarkets.

Additionally, there are other supermarkets with fresh produce waiting to be discovered!

Address: 104 National Road District, Taipei 410, Lane 2,  Road 18

How to get there:
1. Victory Temple Run Station and a 20 minute walk (MRT, bus station)
2. Bus and a 8 minute walk: From bus Jianbei dispatch station 74 or Dunhua Route 527

Besides all the good food available in Taiwan, there are many attractions too! Some that we recommend you check out are the famous and iconic Taipei 101, their very own Leofoo Village Theme Park, or you can visit the outskirts of Taipei at Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi!

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