6 Strangest Themed Restaurants in Japan

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Themed restaurants is not a new concept in Japan but they have been steadily gaining popularity in the recent years. With the increasing competition, themes are no longer limited to just decorations — these eateries even provide entertainment to engage guests during dinner. If you’re ready to experience Japan differently, KKday brings you the best 6 themed restaurants in this peculiar country!

1. Robot Restaurant

In Robot Restaurant, located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, you can dine while enjoying an extraordinary performance that costed nearly billions to perfect. The Japanese robot dance show, incorporating traditional elements with drum performance, is guaranteed to blow you away.

You can find more information about the Tokyo Robot Cabaret show at the robot restaurant here!

2. Ninja Restaurant


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Based on the warring states during troubled times in the twentieth century, you can expect an unprecedented visual experience with a fusion of acrobatics, dance and projection effect performances. While you take delight in the delicious meals served, there’ll be a super ninja running to every table for a special performance. What’s that secret performance? You have to come here to check it out yourself!

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3. Prison Restaurant

Upon entering the restaurant, a clerk dressed in an officer’s uniform will “arrest” you and “escort” you to your cell where they provide prisoner food to you in test tubes, beakers, and syringes. As part of a “special food diet”, they even present your food looking like eyes or other body parts! There’s a show staged once every night as well.

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4. Alice in Wonderland


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If you are a huge fan of Alice in the Wonderland, we highly recommended you to dine in this restaurant. The entire interior of the restaurant, even to its doors, is done with the concept of Alice in Wonderland in mind. Not just decors but the staff are dressed according to the theme as well!

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5. Owl Cafe

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Just like any cat or dog cafes in Singapore, you can interact with the owls in this cafe! However, the interaction time is limited to an hour. There are a variety of owls in the store and you’ll realise that the owls are actually up for sale!

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6. Courtesan seat restaurant show

A night courtesan show combining traditional Japanese dance with modern elements, coupled with professional dancers and drag queens, we ensure that your gaze will be fixated on the stage throughout the entire performance.

In hopes of providing you with the best experience and memories from this restaurant, they provide a wide range of comfortable seatings as well as a large variety of creative cuisines.

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While travelling in Japan, you have to add these quirky restaurants into your itinerary. Not only does it make your trip interesting and memorable, you get to experience Japan the way it should be — eccentric and bizarre!