Meet the Characters — What Does It Take to Be Part of Suicide Squad?

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Social media went into a #squadgoals frenzy after Taylor Swift flaunted her highly sensationalised squad. If you’re planning to post another basic squad photo on your Instagram, listen up! A new squad coming to town — following a group of super villains coerced into going on dangerous missions, Suicide Squad will be hitting our sunny shores on 4 August 2016KKday‘s handy guide gives you a brief introduction of each character and what it takes to be part of their badass squad!


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Enchantress, played by popular Victoria’s Secret Angel Cara Delevingne, was a normal teenage girl till a demon in the secret passage she discovered told her that she would become a mystical hero. Whenever she mutters “enchantress”, she turns into a powerful sorceress with magical abilities. Enchantress’ magical abilities includes healing and teleportation. However, she struggles to control the enchantress from growing and steadily tipping her over to the dark side.

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Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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Harley Quinn, originally a psychiatrist for the Joker, fell head over heels for him and ended up being his devoted accomplice and girlfriend. Exceptionally strong and agile, Harley Quinn is immune to certain types of toxins thanks to her BFF, Poison Ivy.

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El Diablo

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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El Diablo is a gangster processing pyrokinesis (the ability to influence fire with power of his mind). Preferring to stay out of brawls, he is different from the rest of the squad who are eager to kill.

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Aided by his cybernetic eye which enhances his accuracy, Deadshot is the world’s most notorious assassin with a near-to-perfect track record. Once remunerated, this marksman will carry out his mission no matter the circumstances. You can say that he has a death wish, but Deadshot prefers calling it dying in a spectacular fashion.

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Rick Flag

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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In order to keep this team of villains on missions in check, you need a discipline soldier — meet Rick Flag. A former special forces operative with a strategic mind, Rick Flag is highly skilled and well trained, frequently taking part high-stakes missions.

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Captain Boomerang

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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As his name suggests, Captain Boomerang is skilful with his weapon of choice — boomerangs. He boasts a variety of high-tech boomerangs which he mastered throwing while growing up in Australia. He originally used his talent as a performer but turned to using his boomerangs to commit crimes after he was repeatedly ridiculed by his audience.

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Killer Croc

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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Famous for being born with a form of atavism that causes him to have skin like a reptile, Killer Croc has superhuman strength, endurance, speed and sense. His skin also acts as a form of armour for his regenerative powers. By the way, just a warning — like its reptiles cousins residing in Gatorland (the best place to see crocodiles), Killer Croc eats humans as well.

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Hailing from Japan, Katana is not one to be trifled with. She’s incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and relentless with her sword — a weapon that captures the spirit of its victims, allowing Katana to communicate with them after taking their lives.

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Suicide Squad movie singapore
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It’s all about the ropes. Slipknot was an employee of a chemical company, where he developed a formula for sturdy ropes that are as strong as steel, which he swiftly exploited during his career as an assassin.

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10. Joker

Suicide Squad movie singapore
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Leaving the best for the last, Joker is perhaps the most prominent figure of the squad, with a ride in Movie World, Gold Coast named after where Joker was being locked up, Arkham Asylum. An expert in chemical engineering, Joker to develops poisonous or lethal concoctions and thematic weapons.

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Mark your calendars, Suicide Squad is coming to Singapore’s cinemas on 4 August 2016. Are you ready to be part of the rebels? Click here for more Suicide Squad experiences KKday offers.