4 Ways to Experience a Splashing Good Time in Taiwan

It’s the hottest time of the year again. Don’t you just want to cannonball into the water now, only resurfacing when you feel refreshed and rejuvenated? With the sun scorching down during summer, water activities are making waves in Taiwan! A country surrounded by water and filled with waterfalls, streams and beaches, KKday has the 4 water activities you absolutely shouldn’t miss in Taiwan. (Photo: qweddings)

1. River Tracing

River tracing in Hualien (adventuresaroundasia)

Originated from Japan as a traditional sport, River Tracing is an increasing popular outdoor activity in Hong Kong and Taiwan that combines trekking, rock climbing and swimming, forcing you to move your body in ways you never thought was possible.

River tracing in Wulai (meetup)

Jump from one rock to another as you go river tracing in Hualien with your family and friends. Swim through the currents and run your bottoms down Mother Nature‘s slide while appreciating Taiwan‘s clearest water, this activity is perfect for escaping the heat.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Orchid Island (Vimeo)

While you’re at there, snorkel at Orchid Island‘s Blue Ocean House. Fun fact: You don’t even need to know how to swim for this activity! From transportation to snorkel instructors, everything is arranged for you to let your hair down and go at your own pace whether you’re an intermediate snorkeler or greenhorn.

2. Canoeing

Traditional canoes in Orchid Island (thousand wonders)

Humanity’s oldest type of transport, canoes were historically dugouts from a bark on a wood frame, and were considered an important form of water transportation. Fast forward to present day, canoeing is a popular sport around the world, taking you to secluded areas accessible only via a small boat.

Coast of Orchid Island (Taiwan Holidays)

Book yourself on a 3 day tour to Orchid Island for an unimaginable canoeing and snorkelling experience in the pristine waters of Taitung. Row your canoe as each gentle wave hit you, bask yourself in Taiwan‘s sunset and let the night sky envelope you as you sit back and take in the view of Orchid Island.

3. Snorkelling and Diving

If diving isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when speaking about water activities, you need serious help.

Diving in Green Island (Syurati)

Plunge into a whole new underwater world for a rare offshore deep sea dive at Green Island. Get ready to be amazed by the colourful fishes swimming past you and if you’re lucky, you might even meet have Green Island‘s most unique sea creature — Pygmy seahorses, one of the best camouflaged species in the ocean.

4. Surfing

Jialeshui Beach (Departful)

When at Kenting, don’t expect glamorous beaches like those in Thailand and Indonesia. Unlike their counterparts mostly cladded with parasols and locals touting, you should be looking forward to a quiet and rocky beach in Kenting with people who just want to surf.

Surfing at Baisha beach (Flickr)

Hit the waves with your surfboard — don’t worry even if you can’t surf swimmingly, Taiwanese are a friendly bunch so take this chance to learn some surfing tips from them. Besides, Kenting is a great place to start honing your noob surfing skills because of their mediocre waves.

If you want a truly unique experience in Taiwan, we reccomend that you step away from the typical Pingxi, Shifen, Jiufen tour or tourist infested Taipei 101. Pool your resources for a splashing good time in Taiwan instead this summer!