Surprise Surprise, Taiwan Isn’t Only About Oyster Omelette and Braised Pork Rice

Who says you have to eat Taiwanese food in Taiwan? Instead of aiming the oyster mee sua, oyster omelette and braised pork rice in Shilin Night Market, go far a unique cultural experience with the other cuisines available in Taiwan to expand your horizons (and your taste buds)! What other food is there apart from the night market classics? KKday shows you food from other cultures enjoyed by Taiwanese! (Photo: Matthew Hine)

1. BBQ

Seafood galore

We know Singaporeans love our Korean BBQ but why have it in Singapore when you can stuff yourself with high quality meat from US or Australia as well as the freshest catch from the ocean from TW $500 in Taiwan?

Korean BBQ (Phil Denton)

Hear the meat sizzling on the grill, the liquid of the oyster dripping on to the charcoal, watch that pork belly shrink to a size that fits your mouth and that prawn that just turned a bright red. My oh my, anyone has a tissue to wipe my drool?

Bring a bunch of friends with you to enjoy this scrumptious Korean BBQ buffet — because of the intense competition, restaurants usually have many promotions like “one dines free with every four paying adult”.

2. Shabu Shabu

Steamboat with two soup base

Which suaku Singaporean hasn’t heard of shabu shabu? Spicy Sichuan soup base for your Singaporean tastebuds or comforting Japanese kelp soup base? #firstworldproblems. Get the best of both world — Taiwan shabu shabu restaurants gives patrons a pot that allows you to feast on two types of soup base. Help yourself to as many servings of meat and vegetable as you can finish, who cares about dieting when you’re on a holiday!

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3. Sashimi

Fresh sashimi

Would you take a look at that thick and shiny salmon?!

Taiwanese are known for their generosity so prepare to whet your palette as you witness the fresh, thick, huge and soft salmon stacked in front of you. We’re not talking about one or two pieces, we’re talking about many pieces and in Taiwan, they don’t even create a deep hole in your pocket!

4. Traditional Desserts

Taiwan traditional dessert (Flickr)

Forget macarons or English cakes that can be easily found in Singapore; green bean soup, tapioca balls, glutinous rice balls and brown sugar ice dessert are some of the must try desserts when you’re in Taiwan.

Chocolate shaved ice (Chi-Hung Lin)

Did you know it costs more to eat a meagre shaved ice dessert in Taiwan compared to a HUGE bowl of traditional taro dumpling red bean soup with almond jelly and brown sugar? Now you do. 

5. Cafe

Poached egg breakfast set

Don’t be afraid to step in to that quaint little cafe you spy by Taiwan‘s roadside. Most cafes are equipped with extremely insta-worthy backgrounds for you to snag an #ootd or load up on your #foodporn images before heading back home.

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6. Celebrity-Opened Cafe / Movie Filming Sites

Stay Real Cafe

Other than food and night market, Taiwan is also famous for its movies and celebrities. What do Taiwanese stars Jay Chou, A-Mei and Shu Qi have in common? They are all cafe owners and Taiwan is littered with celebrity-opened cafes so you might just bump into your favourite stars while cafe-hopping!

If you’re thinking of heading to Korea for some authentic Korean BBQ or Japan for some lip-smacking sashimi, why not go somewhere a little closer to home to enjoy three types cuisines, all in one country? Besides, Taiwan is relatively gentler on your wallet compared to Korea and Japan, leaving you more moolah for a local experience in Taiwan.

Looking for more food to enjoy Taiwan? Let KKday‘s guide help you!

Let KKday give you a head start! This is how to quickly digest all the food you’ve just ingested:

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