Full Guide to Kenting, Taiwan

No trip to Taiwan is complete till you visit the southernmost tip of the island, Kenting. Located in Pingtung County, Kenting is a popular holiday destination amongst travelers and locals for the tropical climate, water/land activities and natural landscape. Kenting is home to gorgeous natural scenery, tropical forests, meadows and seaside cliffs. For the best that Kenting has to offer follow KKday’s full guide to the beautiful Kenting!


Minsu in Kenting (Adams Homestay Cochin)

For budget travelers, there are many minsu (homestay) spread out in the entire area but just like any country you visit, be sure to book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak periods like summer holidays. Otherwise, you might be left sleeping on the streets, with the night sky with the stars and moon as company. (Eh, it doesn’t sound THAT bad, does it?)


Scooter (halfrain)

The best way to conquer Kenting is doing it the Taiwanese way — on a scooter… with a maximum speed of 30km/h. Now now, safety first, are we right? Plus, no license is needed to rent a scooter, which justifies the super low speed limit. You can rent a scooter for only ~ SGD $14 per day, but you’ll need to re-charge the scooter’s battery every two hours ride so that it doesn’t die on you while you’re riding. Don’t worry too much about that though — charging stations are scattered all over Kenting!

Bus stop in Kenting (Lordcolus)

For an even cheaper alternative, you can hop on and off the bus. However, do note that bus services in Kenting stops after nightfall.

The Wild Side of Kenting

Oh Deer

Sika deers

Are your friends still traveling all the way to Japan to see deers bowing? Save yourself the trouble (and money) because you get to see the same Sika deers too in Kenting, only they don’t bow like their relatives in Japan. Watch the Sika deers run wild and free; if they like you, they may even let you pet them on the head!

Marine Sleepover

This is not your everyday sleepover where you paint your nails with your gals or play PS4 with your homies.

Sleepover at National Museum Biology and Aquarium

This is a sleepover with marine creatures at the National Museum Biology and Aquarium! Find out what happens behind the scenes of every performance and interact with the animals. Get cosy in your blankets and watch as belugas, sharks, penguins and many more marine animals swim past you.

Dance with Fireflies

Here at KKday, we hate insects. Absolutely loathe them. But we’re willing to make an exception for fireflies.


Go on a firefly night tour and look at how these firefly light up the night with their glowy-butt, a magical yet sad moment — legend has it that fireflies can only light up once in their entire life. To attract the opposite sex, fireflies light up in order to mate successfully, after which it’s lights out for the rest of their lives.

Splashing Good Time

Mention Kenting to any Taiwanese and they’ll reccomend you to head to their beach. Prepare to hit the waves and load up on vitamin D on your trip to Kenting!


Ditch your diving suits for a skin diving experience with only your flippers and breathing gears! This is how locals enjoy a close encounter with the tropical fishes and take in the spectacular scenery of the underwater world.

Diving in Houbihu, Kenting

Uncomfortable with showing too much skin? Go ahead, wrap yourself up in proper diving gears and dive headfirst in to the sea for some real scuba diving action. Explore the colourful coral reef bottom and break the chain of the huge schools of fish.

Walking on Water

Stand Up Paddling in Kenting South Bay

SUP (Stand Up) Paddling is fantastic for people who are worried about diving, surfing or just about anything that requires you to fully submerge yourself in the water. As the name suggest, this activity requires you to just standup on the board and paddle to your heart’s content! Enjoy the scenery above water and feel mighty because you can now walk on water — okay, not really but close enough.

Surf’s Up!

Surfing in Jialeshui, Kenting

Ride the waves at Jialeshui or Nanwan beach and you’ll find yourself having small conversations with the friendly locals who might just give you a tip or two about surfing! For experienced surfers, rent a board at any shack and you’re good to go.

Next time someone asks if you’ve been to Taiwan, you can proudly say yes because a trip to Taiwan can never be complete without going to Kenting!

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