These Five Thrill Rides Are The Scariest on The Planet!

Insanity (Daveynin)


Battlestar Galactica in Universal Studios Singapore? Pffft, no kick. If you’re a thrill seeker seeking a surge of excitement to get your blood pumping,
KKday presents our list of scariest thrill rides on the planet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you — these rides will leave you
with sweaty palms and cold feet but the exhilarating experience you get makes those heart-skipping moments all worth it in the end!

1. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California
Batman The Ride, world’s first 4D roller coaster, takes the cake as the SCARIEST
ride in the world
, period.
Batman: The Ride (Club Pimple)


Never heard of a 4D roller coaster? Neither did KKday. Batman: The Ride takes roller coasters to a new level with its seats stretched out of the tracks, making riders rotate head over heels, forward and backward, giving that mind-bending dimensional effect.


Batman: The Ride (Chris Hagerman)

With the seats rotating 360 degrees, you’ll experience headfirst and facedown drops, a giant loop of 27 metres high and 13 metres in diameter.


Batman: The Ride (Jeremy Thompson)


If that’s not enough to turn your feet jelly, this roller coaster puts you through sudden twists and turns through numerous loops and
sharp turns. Try walking in a straight line immediately after your ride.

2. Fahrenheit, Hersheypark, Pennsylvania
Huh, Hersheypark? With its name, you’d think this is the sweetest place to be the sweetest place known on Earth. Wait, look! This particular roller coaster is all
but sweet.
Fahrenheit (Michael Gray)


Described as a ‘vertical lift coaster’, Fahrenheit features a 36 metres vertical lift with six inversions,
airtime hills and high-speed banked curves, cobra roll including inverted loops, swift changes in directions and a
record-breaking 97 degrees drop on it first hill. 

Fahrenheit (Michael Gray)


This is THE roller coaster that changes your definition of fear.

3. Insanity, Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas
An insanely dizzy experience on an insane
ride, coupled with an insane view at an insane height? Yes, please!
Insanity (Sarah Ackerman)


Insanity, the second highest thrill ride in the world, is a massive mechanical arm
extending 20 metres over the edge at a height of over 274 metres. You will be
spinning mid air at a speed of up to three G-forces, propelling at an angle of
70 degrees and your body will be tilted into one position: facing straight down. 

Insanity (Robbie Shade)

Souls brave enough to try conquering this thrilling ride will be nicely rewarded with a magnificent view of historic downtown Las Vegas. If there’s one word to sum up this ride, it’ll be insanity.

4. Colossus, Thorpe Park, England
Oh boy, we can already feel our lunch climbing up our throats.
Colossus (jlevieux)


Probably the scariest ride in all of UK,
Colossus holds the record for having a total of 10 inversions in one single
sitting. Yikes. Experience a massive
10 exhilarating inversions with a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew and UK’s only quadruple barrel roll! 

Colussus (Oliver Mallich)

Don’t understand the differences between the different kind of roller coasters inversions? No problem. Just enjoy the ride — with Colossus‘ speed, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

5. Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida
Eejanaika translates to “isn’t it great” — isn’t it great that Eejanaika is the
world’s second four-dimension roller coaster ride?
Eejanaika (iscreamsundae)

Going at a breakneck speed of 126km/h with a peak of 76 metres, Eejanaika is unlike traditional roller coasters where the
train run parallel to the tracks. No, that’s too mild for us thrill seekers — Eejanaika brings the roller coaster experience to a whole
new level by spinning its cars 360 degrees forwards and backwards!


Eejanaika (luxtonnerre)

Don’t forget
to bring your barf bags with you!

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