Here’s How to Maximise Your Time at Disneyland

With Disney being a staple of our childhood, it’s safe to say that every tourist will visit Disneyland if it’s in the vicinity. Likewise, when KKday is in California, how can we give California Disneyland a miss? Disneyland can be the happiest yet most terrifying place on earth when the queues get horrendous. If it is your first time there, let KKday give you some insider traveller tips on how to maximise your time and avoid queues in Disneyland.

Fireworks and Pixar Play Parade are definite must sees.

Whether or not you love Disney, you can’t deny childhood is the most memorable time of everybody’s life. Disney is just like a time machine bringing us back to the time where we were just children. Therefore, when in California, it is a must to visit Disneyland and relive what it feels like to be a child again. Just as you relive your dreams of being a child again, fulfil your child’s dream of meeting their favourite characters at California Disneyland!

California Disneyland is divided into two parks, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. These two parks has two vastly different characteristics.

Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland California Adventure Park (j_rho)

Disney California Adventure Park caters mostly to the new generation of Disney’s recent works such as Elsa from Frozen. The hot favourites are Monsters, Inc. Mike and Scully to the Rescue, Toy Story Midway Mania and the Pixar Parade. The adventure park caters more to the younger children with the newer cartoons.

Toy Story Midway Mania (Sam Howzit)

Of course the Pixar Parade, beginning at 5:15pm, is a definite must watch! Catch your favourite Disney characters interact with the crowd and pose for some crazy pictures. Don’t miss this if you are visiting California Disneyland as a family — it’s every child’s dream to watch their favourite characters come alive.

Pixar Parade (Loren Javier)

2. Disneyland

The main attractions at Disneyland are obviously classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and princesses that makes California Disneyland a fairytale comes alive.

Disneyland (Jackie Nell)

Space Mountain and Indiana Jones roller coaster are the more popular attractions in Disneyland. These rides cater more to the older children — Space Mountain is a relatively high speed roller coaster and the younger generation who have not watched Indiana Jones might find the ride unrelatable.

Due to their popularity, you can always be expecting long queues all year round for these rides. To avoid the queue, you should plan well ahead of time with Disneyland’s FastPass.

Acquire Fast Pass to avoid queuing with the crowds.

When you’re in Disneyland, always remember to look out for Fast Pass machines placed next to the more popular attractions. Save time by acquiring a Fast Pass then coming back at the specific time given on the Fast Pass. This way, you can skip the queues for popular rides.

FastPass ticketing machine (Ricky yBrigante)

Do not purchase the tickets on site.

It is always good to plan ahead before heading down to California Disneyland so that you can maximise your time there — you should always purchase your tickets online before heading down as the queue for the tickets can be a nightmare at times.

Long queue at Disneyland’s ticketing counter (JayLan_TW)

To avoid the nightmare of queuing on the actual day, it’s always better to purchase your Disneyland tickets online. To book your tickets, you have to select the dates you’re planning to visit the park, timing of admission, number of tickets and so on.

Is it a hassle to get the tickets online?


If your parents are the ones purchasing the tickets and they are not proficient in English or you find Disneyland‘s website is a hassle to deal with, let KKday get the tickets for you! On KKday‘s website, you can choose the language you would like to view the site in. We also have an online customer service consultation and it only takes us 48 hours for us to confirm your orders!

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