4 Insta-Worthy Spots in Korea We Bet You Never Thought of Visiting


It seems like every tourist to Korean only think shopping for clothes or makeup products at Ewha, Hongdae and Dongdaemun these days. What if we tell you there’s more to Korea than just these places? Step out of your comfort zone — the budding combination of design and culture of Korean architect in recent years are shedding light on more undiscovered places in Korea. Follow KKday as we recommend you 4 insta-worthy places to snap pictures and eat!

1. Common Ground
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Common Ground is home to many small, up-and-coming Korean brands that sells creative and quirky food/items.

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Designed and built with shipping containers, a huge glass pane accompanies every container to exhibit what the store is selling. With food and fashion items lining the glass displays of Common Ground, this unique scene is quickly becoming a new favourite ootd background for both locals and tourists.
2. Han River
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Fans of Running Man, you’ll definitely recognise Han River. Tired from shopping? Stroll along Han River for a break. Take your pick — cycle along Han River for the beautiful sights, or have a picnic by the river. No food for picnic? No worries!

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The area around Han River is filled with shops selling picnic materials; you can even purchase a bento from subway stations or ring for delivery services. Enjoy the summer breeze as you park yourself under the shade of an oak tree, yas this is the life.
3. Samcheongdong Traditional Houses
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Another highly recommend spot is Bukchon. Located in Samcheongdong, the place has perfected the art of balancing modern design with traditional architecture.

Bukchon Hanok Village
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Bukchon Hanok Village, situated close to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, is a popular filming site for many dramas. Dating back to the Joseon DynastyBukchon Hanok Village managed to preserved its entire traditional housing, allowing visitors to feel like they are transcending into the past.


Many specialty stores and cafes have been popping up along Bukchon Hanok Village in the past decade, attracting the attention of locals and tourists alike. However, keep in mind while you’re on your Bukchon Hanok Village Tour that it was not built to be a tourist attraction — Bukchon Hanok Village is an actual residential neighbourhood where people actually live so be sure to keep your volume down!
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The streets of Samcheongdong are filled with art installations, murals, and stores selling creative pieces and love. Yes, you read that right — love! Samcheongdong is one of the two most romantic spots in Korea, with the other being N Seoul Tower. Couples are often spotted taking a stroll along the streets of Samcheongdong, soaking up the local history, culture and modern art. You can even spot newly-weds making use of the wall murals for their wedding photoshoots sometimes.

4. Gangchon Rail Park
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Gangchon Rail Bike was featured on Korean variety show Running Man and is rapidly becoming Korea‘s newest attraction. Hop on the rail bike for a phototaking opportunity Pedal along the railway track for a different kind of experience while basking in the lovely scenery along Bulhangang River.

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