5 Amazeballs Insta-Worthy Places in Yilan to Make Your Friends Jealous

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Yilan…? What’s that?” Don’t just head straight to Taipei the next time you plan on visiting Taiwan. Venture out of Taipei, to Yilan for instance! Join us as we dig out some exceptionally beautiful places for you to visit in Yilan — you won’t be disappointed by what you see. Take a picture while you’re at Yilan and get ready to stock up on enough photos to post #throwback photos for a year.

1. Fenniaolin Fish Harbor

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Vision a beach but with rocks and stones as replacement for sand. Now imagine the deep blue water lapping against shore as you push your canoe boat deeper in to the sea — this is exactly what you get at Fenniaolin Fish Harbor.

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Fen Niao Lin literally translates to Bird Forest, and the fish habour got its name from long ago when birds used to congregate in this area. While this gravel beach has attracted quite a number of visitors because of its calm waters and serene surroundings, Fenniaolin Fish Harbor is still a relatively quiet place that helps to calm the mind from a hectic city life.

2. Eagle Rock Summit (Yingshijian)

Remember those Vine videos where Viners acted like they’re hanging off a cliff? You don’t have to go to Australia or the States for a shot like that!

Photo credit: elisha6902002

To know why it’s called Eagle Rock Summit (Yingshijian), stand at a specific angle and you’ll see an eagle with its boisterous wings spreading out. And if you have the balls, go stand at the edge look out in to vast open, giving you a bird’s eye view of Yilan.

Photo credit: do_maco

Imagine yourself looking down with full panoramic view of the sea and buildings beneath you, if that’s not insta-worthy, we don’t know what is!

3. Taiping Mountain Forest Recreation Area


Photo credit: tiff0420

Also known as TaipingshanTaipng Mountain is mega glorified version of Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Trail. Housing many types of floral and fauna, Taiping Mountain Forest Recreation Area is covered with railway tracks because the forest was used to supply wood to huge MNCs, transporting tree logs.

Photo credit: isricysu

Guess who’s maintaining the tracks even when it’s abandoned? Mother Nature herself. See the power of Mother Nature for yourself as she envelopes the man-made tracks as one of her own, decorating it with vines and moss.

Photo credit: mintytg

Now we see why Taiping Mountain Forest Recreation Area is coined as one of the world’s most beautiful trails.

4. Hou Dong Keng Waterfall

Photo credit: _allaboutlucylin

Ask a local which waterfall should you visit, you’ll hear a unanimous answer: Wufengqi. Wasn’t expecting that, were you? What’s with Hou Dong Keng Waterfall then? Another waterfall in Yilan that’s worth your time, Hou Dong Keng Waterfall is more easily accessible compared to Wufenqi.

Photo credit: nina_ _tai

There’s a saying amongst locals: lovers that conquer Hou Dong Keng Waterfall together, shall enjoy an everlasting love. Walk hand in hand with your significant other and take your time to drink in the magnificent sight of Hou Dong Keng Waterfall. Who knows, you might just be one of the many to enjoy an everlasting, eternal love.

5. Guishan Island

So we have insta-worthy places in Yilan but maybe they’re not enough to satiate the adventurer in you. Hmm, we’re pretty sure Guishan Island will do just the trick then.

Photo credit: karentzeng

As Taiwan‘s only active volcano, Guishan Island, translating to Turtle Island, still hold remnants of its last eruption dating all the way back in 1785. With streaks of yellow and white sulphur, and trails of long-cooled lava decorating the island, Guishan Island is, undoubtedly, a place to add in your travel bucket list.

Photo credit: Flickr

As if its majestic views isn’t enough to seduce thousands of visitors from all around the world, dolphins and whales visit Guishan Island every year from March to October. Take a boat out into the ocean during the right time and you’ll be rewarded with a glimpse of these aquatic mammals (fun fact: dolphins are known to protect humans in times of danger). Check out our guide on whale/dolphin watching in Taiwan, you’ll shorely have a whaley good time!

The next time you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, don’t just visit Taipei — add Yilan into your itinerary too! There’s just so exciting things to do in Yilan, you won’t regret exploring!

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