5 Must Have Apps for Visiting South Korea

 Visiting a foreign country can be full of little challenges and concerns. Luckily we are not alone and there are plenty of useful tools we can use to help us. Before setting off for Korea be sure to take a look at these 5 apps to make navigating your trip that little bit easier.

1. Subway or Ji Ha Cheol

With the cosmopolitan city’s complex subway system, Subway app is an absolute life saver when you’re exploring Korea. Complete with features like the nearest station locator and precise duration of a subway ride, you’ll be zooming around from place to place in no time. Easy peasy.


Traveling out of Seoul but worried that you’ll get lost? Worry not my friends, Subway app has subway maps for other huge cities like Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Gwangju.

2. NaverMap

Naver is the Korea’s version of Google and NaverMap is especially useful if you’re looking for a specific shop. Since shops in Korea have a high turnover rate, it helps to check on Naver Map before you head out looking for a shop that has already closed.


Similar to Google Maps, NaverMap has an upside-down teardrop shape that’s marked to wherever you wish to go and also a street view to ensure you’re on the right track. The downside? It’s in Korean. Now before you start wailing at what poor recommendation this is, take note that you’ll probably have a better chance of getting to your destination with NaverMap because their Google Maps might not be as updated — Koreans have literally no idea how Google Maps work.

3. Naver Korean Dictionary & Translate

Never trust Google Translate. Never. Google Translate might come in handy for other languages, but not Korean, unless you wish to see quizzical looks plastered to their faces…

Naver‘s translation is pretty much the most accurate English to Korean translation among all the phone apps we’ve explored and it’s a popular app within Korean university students as well. So do yourself a favour — download Naver and you’ll never look back.

4. Uber

It’s super easy to grab a cab off the streets in Korea (see what we did there) but being a kiasu Singaporean, there’s always a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan.

Uber has been the life saviour of many across the world when there’s a shortage of available cabs and Korea is no stranger to that during peak hours. Sure, you can survive without Uber in Korea, especially with their extensive transportation system, but good luck with grabbing a cab after the last subway or bus.

5. Kakao Talk

Trying to find your way in Gangnam but you found yourself an eyecandy instead — what’s next? Get their contact number, that’s what’s next! Here’s a tip for all of you who wish to befriend the Koreans, download Kakao Talk.

Every Korean, no matter young or old, uses the KakaoTalk app. Like how we’re reliant on WhatsApp and TelegramKoreans take KakaoTalk very seriously; try to lobby them into using anything else but KakaoTalk and they’ll probably give you a puzzled look.

Now that you’re all prepped up, time to head full speed ahead to South Korea!

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