5 Weirdest Laws Around the World You Won’t Believe Exist!

If only we have a dollar for each time our non-Singaporean friends question the existence of our no chewing gum law – we’d be rich. But Singapore is not the only country with weird regulations or our own way of doing things. From banning a cartoon character’s indecent exposure to Three Generations of Punishment, read on as we sniff out five weird laws from around the world.

1. No Vacuuming

It’s 8am on a Saturday morning and since you’re up early, why not be productive and start doing some chores? 10 minutes into vacuuming, you hear a knock on your door — it’s the neighbours threatening you with the cops. Eh, what’s wrong with being a productive human on a Saturday morning?
Lo and behold: vacuuming between 10pm and 7am during the weekdays and 10pm to 9am during the weekends is against the law in Melbourne. So I guess being a procrastinator comes with its perks in Melbourne, right?
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2. Pooh It Away!We’re pretty sure that at some point in everyone’s childhood, Winnie the Pooh was our favourite cartoon character. I mean, who says no to such a huggable bear? Poland, evidently.

Photo credit: nydailynews

Labelled as a flasher and a negative influence in a small town in Central PolandWinnie the Pooh was banned from appearing in playgrounds because our lovely Winnie the Pooh has a ‘dubious sexuality’ and is dressed without pants.

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3. Time to MigrateStill angry at your other half because he forgot your birthday?  Ladies, time to pack up and head for Samoa, where it’s illegal for husbands to forget their wife’s birthday!

Photo credit: Flickr/Andrew Moore

With the iridescent seas, jade jungles and crystal waterfalls — and the added benefit of a law deemed ridiculous to most men — what’s stopping you from moving over to Samoa? Okay, so they might not be the most advanced country in the world, but what about spending your honeymoon at Samoa, reminding your husband that he should never forget your birthday.

4. Oh, Canada!

You turn up the radio on a beautiful Sunday morning, only to hear Justin Bieber‘s song playing — dang it. There’s a law in Canada that states that one in every five songs played on the radio has to be sung by a Canadian.

Photo credit: Christopher Policarpio

Rejoice if you’re a Belieber and sulk in a corner if you’re not. If you’re wondering how the Canadians survive, don’t forget there’s Michael Bublé who emerges from his cave every Christmas, The Weeknd, Avril Lavigne and many more famous Canadian singers!

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5. Sharing is Caring

Break a law in North Korea and prepare to get sent to a prison camp — yes, your whole family, all three generations, to prison camp. Commonly observed in ancient China, the ‘Three Generations of Punishment‘ was meant to ensure that family members of the convicted were not given a chance to take revenge.

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There’s probably a bunch of outrageous laws out there we’ve yet to dug out, so why not you go ahead and share with us what’s the most appalling law you’ve heard at our Facebook page!

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