Top 4 Countries For The Best New Year’s Countdown

kkday's best 4 new year's celebration in the world

If you’re an old soul who’s sick of partying and drinking ’til the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s Eve, we’re proposing milder (but still adventurous) activities. Ring in the New Year with a dip in ice-cold temperatures or joining a sizzling samba parade!

It’ll be crazy and definitely one New Year you’ll remember for life! Grab your lover or closest friend, and head to these four best countries to welcome the New Year. Hello 2019, please be good to us.

1. Green Island, Taiwan

Diving in Green Island (Mal B)

As a fellow old soul, we know exactly what you’re looking for: some peace and serenity away from Singapore’s city life. Round up your family and friends for a holiday in Taiwan’s Green Island. Bring in the New Year with a splash as you dive deep into the ocean, away from the dipsomaniacs and closer to the alluring aquatic creatures.

sunset countdown green island kkday
Watching sunset on Green Island (David Hsu)

If you don’t mind having wrinkly skin after your dive in Green Island’s ocean, take a dip in the neighbouring Asahi Onsen with sounds of gentle waves crashing against the shores and stars as accompaniment. Otherwise, lay a mat by one of Green Island’s many beaches to welcome New Year at first streak of light.

2. English Bay, Canada

We’re not kidding when we suggested taking a swim in sub-zero temperature! Rumors have it that a bunch of crazy teenagers in the 20th century dared one another to plunge into the freezing cold water, resulting in today’s tradition of Polar Bear Swim every New Year.

Countdown at Niagara Falls

While you’re in Canada, why not make a trip down to the Niagara Falls in Toronto to bask in the icy mist? Watch the unstoppable flow of torrential water form a beautiful arch over the riverbed with roaring power — repetitive yet magnificent. It’s not hard to see why Niagara Falls is either a hit or miss with tourists, but you have to admit there’s nothing quite as iconic.

3. Copacabana, Brazil

Samoa and Christmas Island may be the first place in the world to usher in the New Year, but Rio de Janeiro takes the hat for being the best place on earth to spend your New Year’s Eve!

countdown in brazil kkday
Countdown in Brazil (Wikipedia)

Beginning from 8pm, Copacabana Beach steals the limelight from the whole of Brazil. Dance along to live music performances on New Year’s eve, featuring an eclectic range of music genres. Remember to don a white top because Brazilians believe it’ll bring you good luck for the New Year.

Samba Carnival Parade (Paul Townsend)

Shake your way to the New Year with Rio’s most celebrated affair, Samba. Even though Samba Carnival Parade happens only once every year, Brazilians spend almost the whole year practicing for Samba Carnival Parade. Take a peek into their daily happenings backstage and try on their costumes prepared for this huge festival!

4. Disneyland: Tokyo, Japan

Like all fairytales, we all want to end our year with a happy ending. Go ahead and make your holiday a journey to the happiest place on earth for a fairytale ending.

kkday tokyo disneyland countdown
Counting down in Tokyo’s Disneyland (Wikipedia)

Brace yourself for 26 hours of non-stop fun and excitement in Tokyo’s Disneyland starting from 7pm on New Year’s Eve until 9pm on New Year’s Day. Walk hand in hand with your significant other or run around Disneyland with your closest friends like a lunatic; when night falls, treat your eyes to a spectacular show of dazzling pyrotechnics!

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