Relive the Scenes from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo In These Filming Locations

If you’re a fan of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, we’d like to take you back in time and help you relive your favorite moments of the show! Here, we list down all the stunning places in South Korea from the hit time slip K-Drama! All you gotta do now is find your own prince.



Baekje Cultural Land

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Baekje Cultural Landis used as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s main filming site.

Located in Buyeo County, the South Korean government pumped in millions of dollars into rebuilding Sabiung Palace and its village to preserve the history and culture of the Baekje Kingdom (18BC – 660AD).

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Some prominent buildings within Baekje Cultural Land include the five-story wooden pagoda, Neungsa Temple, one of the most important Buddhist temples of the period that served as a royal temple within the palace vicinity, the Living Culture Village featuring model houses of citizens from different ranks/classes and Royal Tomb Park which showcases the tombs of noblemen.



Ondal Tourist Park

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Recall that steamy scene from the first episode in which our beloved princes were taking a bath? Sigh, look at ’em toned torsos…

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Ondal Tourist Park, used as the princes’ palace in the show, is a popular filming location for many historical dramas like Faith and The Flower in Prison. Ondal Tourist Park was built as a model to showcase the houses of noblemen and traditional shopping district of the past. You can even try on costumes and props used during the actual filming of dramas here!



Ondal Grotto Cave

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If you’re done visiting Ondal Tourist Park and is still up for some adventure, head over to the neighbouring Ondal Grotto Cave—a limestone cave that was estimated to have formed over 400 million years ago.

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The not-so-secret meeting between Hae-soo and 8th prince, where our dear prince asked Hae-soo for her hand in marriage, only to be intervened by Court Lady Oh was filmed right in the Ondal Grotto Cave.

Ondal Grotto Cave measures to about 760 metres—not exactly long compared to Manjanggul Cave on Jeju Island—but Ondal Grotto Cave’s stalagmites and stalactites makes the cave that’s worth visiting if you’re on a holiday to Korea.



Pocheon Art Valley

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The scene with our heroine getting pulled into a time slip while trying to save a drowning boy at Cheonjuho Lake was filmed at Pocheon Art Valley—a granite quarry eroded by spring water and rain runoffs.

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Nearby Pocheon Art Valley lies Pocheon Herb Island, a Europe-themed attraction that houses more than 340 types of herbs used by bakeries, cafes and restaurants. If you fancy a freshly-baked, fluffy baguette or a warm cup of tea made with the freshest herbs, you know where to go.



Which among these filming locations would you like to visit?



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  1. hi KKDay, thank you for your very informative blog. we got so many informations about korea in here. anyway,we would like to visit south korea next spring and would like to visit Scarlet Heart filming locations. we've already googling how to go there, but only get this kind of informations :Transportation
    [Seoul→Pocheon] Dong Seoul Bus Terminal → Pocheon Intercity Bus Terminal (Adult fare 6,400 won / Travel Time approx. 1hr 30min)
    [Seoul→Danyang] Dong Seoul Bus Terminal → Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal (Adult fare 13,300 won / Travel time approx. 2hrs 30min)
    [Seoul→Buyeo] Dong Seoul Bus Terminal → Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal (Adult fare 15,300 won / Travel time approx. 2hrs 40min)
    Seoul Nambu Terminal → Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal (Adult fare 11,600 won / Travel time approx. 2hrs)
    [Seoul→Daegu] Seoul Station → Dongdaegu Station (Adult fare 43,500 won / Travel time approx. 1hr 50min). but after arrival at stations, how can we go to that specific place?? are there any mass transportation that we can use directly to the spot ? we are family of four, so we will really appreciate your help. we can't speak koreans, so there should be a lot of language barrier. Thank you and looking forward for your response

  2. Hello Nuning Purwaningsih,

    Thank you for your kind words!

    From Pocheon Intercity Bus Terminal, board bus 74 and alight at Pocheon Art Valley.

    From Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal, board Danyang-Guinsa bus to Ondalsanseong bus stop and walk 30m to Ondal Tourist Park.

    From Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 403 or 404 that's bound for Hamyang or Hoam and alight at Korea National University of Cultural Heritage.

    I hope the above information would be helpful for your trip to Korea next spring, hope you'll have a lovely time with your family!

    Warmest Regards,
    The KKday Team