5 Strangest Facts From Around the World

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If you think chope-ing seats with tissue paper or handphone covers in Singapore is weird, wait till you read these five strange facts around the world. From hiring hunks to wipe your tears away to taboo for dying at age 81, KKday presents to you the five strangest facts from around the globe.
1. Never Weep Alone

Adding to Japan’s list of bizarre things, Japan has a legal renting of tears-wiping ikemens specially for ladies, Ikemeso Danshi is a service in Japan where good-looking men, ikemen, come to your workplace to dab away your tears with a napkin. Yeah, Ikemeso Danshi is a legit service in Japan.

kkday strangest facts from japan: Ikemeso Danshi
Ikemeso Danshi (japanetrends)
If you ever feel stressed out at work and need to vent your despairs, Ikemeso Danshi is at your service. Pick your favourite boy, whomever you deem worthy of wiping away your tears, from their “menu” — bad boy, pretty boy, smarty-pants. You name it, they probably have it.If you didn’t cringe at the thought of Ikemeso Danshi, you might feel weirded out at the 6 strangest themed restaurants in Japan.
2. You Can’t Die Without My Permission

Sounds like something you hear from a K-drama, right? It is, however, not as romantic as you thought it’d be. During a period in olden Spain, at a little town named Andalusian, you were required to stay alive till the Spanish government could buy land to build a new cemetery. Dying was considered illegal. Luckily for citizens of olden Spain, this weird law was taken with a pinch of salt.

strangest fact around the world spain kkday
Catacombs of Paris (Tommy Hansen)
If you like dark and morbid stuff, we have just the activity for you. Beneath the surface of the City of Love lies a huge underground cemetery, Catacombs of Paris — an empire of death. Go take a walk in the Catacombs of Paris, we dare you.
3. You’re an ADon’t be taken aback if someone asks you what’s your blood type in Korea — they just want to know you better! Similar to our beliefs in horoscopes and Chinese zodiacs, Koreans believe your blood type determines your personality.

strangest fact around the world korea kkday
Blood types personality (myopera)

Not sure of your blood type? Imagine yourself at Lotte World, do you:

  1. Find yourself sweet talking your way through the long queue?
  2. Walking around with a well-labelled map of Lotte World, with a perfect plan of which ride to go to first, and even taking into account the number of toilet stops you should take?
  3. Running around Lotte World like a whacko because you have a short attention span?
  4. Pulled around to everywhere because you’re too absorbed in the welfares of others rather than yourself?

If you chose #1, you’re type O, someone with a glib tongue. If you relate to #2, you’re a type A, a strategist. If your choice is #3, you’re definitely a type B, energiser bunny of your clique. If you identify with #4, you’re probably Type AB, logical but eager to please.

4. Marsupials on Drugs
Always curious about crop circles reported on major news outlet? Could it be the work of aliens, hailstorms or pranksters? Nope, as far as Australia is concern, the crop circles perpetrators are none other than wallabies.

strangest fact around the world tasmania kkday
Wallabies in Tasmania (Mackenzie and john)

Tasmania, an isolated island located off the southern coast of Australia, houses half of the world’s legal opium. Wallabies have been sneaking into Tasmania‘s opium poppy fields at night to eat poppy heads, resulting in mobs of wallabies bouncing around in circles and flattening poppy stalks, creating crop circles in Australia.

For a more typical tourist experience in Tasmania, head to Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay and be prepared to be blown away by the beauty of Tasmania!

5. Unlucky 81

Drawing your last breath at the ripe old age of 80 while surrounded by your loved ones seems like an endearing scene, doesn’t it? If you’re planning to depart the world in your 80s, either do it when you’re 80 or hold out till well after your 82nd birthday. Dying at 81 is considered a taboo for anyone living in Bhutan because you’ll bring bad luck to your family or worse, the entire village.

strangest fact around the world bhutan kkday
Bhutan village (Flickr/Xiaojun Deng)

Thankfully for Bhutanese, there’s a remedy: surviving family members have to hang bodies of the 81-year-old upside down from the ceiling till the next Bhutanese New Year. That way, the entire Bhutan village will be spared from the curse. Can you just imagine the horrifying smell?

There’s probably a ton of other strange facts around the world — leave a comment telling us what’s the strangest thing you’ve heard while travelling!

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