6 Underrated Activities to Prove Australia is Way More Than Just Kangaroos

It’s no wonder everyone is flocking to Australia — stunning natural wonders that calls for some instant jaw-dropping moment, home to the deadliest animals in the world and famed for extreme sports for the adventurous, sign me right up! Hold your horses, before you begin your trip to Australia, read on to find what 6 underrated activities you should include in your Australia bucket list.

1. Wild Life Sydney Zoo


Australia is almost synonymous to kangaroos, wallabies and koalas — as seen from the countless souvenirs featuring these furry animals.

Animal lovers, do you know the difference between a wallaby and kangaroo? Both animals are pouched animals with prominent hind legs that bounce around the countryside like kids on pogo sticks but they are significantly different in terms of personality.

Image result for mike tyson kangaroo
Kangaroo in Australia (Reddit)

A fully grown kangaroo is massive and may even win Mike Tyson in a fight.

Wallaby in Australia (Rob Young)

But a wallaby is harmless and just looks adorable. Awww.

Koala in Australia (Jose-Jiun-Shian Wu)

Of course, who can forget hugging koalas in Australia? A point to note, koalas are easily frightened. Remember to keep your squeals in and avoid sudden movements when you’re holding on to the koalas. Oh, remember that flash photography isn’t allowed.

If you’ve always wanted to get closer to Australia’s wildlife, get your tickets to Wild Life Sydney Zoo for some close proximity interaction with koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. Shake paws with Australia‘s furry animals, take a picture and don’t forget to feed them as a form of thank you!

2. Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. Boasting a stretch of phenomenal rainforests, beaches and cliffs, it’s no wonder Great Ocean Road is voted by Australian National Heritage as one attraction you must visit before you die.

Twelve Apostles, Melbourne

Remember to stop over at Twelve Apostles while on your road trip along Great Ocean Road. Formed by the harsh and extreme weather conditions from Southern Ocean, the limestones that was once part of the cliff has now eroded to form rock stacks that stands at a height of 50 meters.

Twelve Apostles, Melbourne (hjjanisch)

Only eight of the Twelve Apostles remains today due to erosion. If you’re interested in witnessing the wonders of Twelve Apostles up close, it’s better to go now before the remaining eight rocks give in to the wrath of Mother Nature.

Twelve Apostles at sunset (Hampus)

If you wish to capture insta-worthy photos of Twelve Apostles, we recommend visiting during dawn or dask. As the sun rises or sets, it’ll cast a shadow over Twelve Apostles. With the cliffs as backdrop and waves crashing against the sandy shore with millions of bubbles prancing around — perfect.

Don’t drive? Fret not, you can still enjoy Great Ocean Road on a guided tour. KKday got your back, as always.

3. Lake Tyrrell, Victoria

Lake Tyrrell, Victoria (ddgame0204)

Although Twelve Apostles is absolutely insta-worthy, it’s no match for the photos taken at Lake Tyrrell, a salt lake located 7km away from Sea Lake. Here lies the horizon where heaven meets earth. Here’s a tip from KKday: never ever wear your favourite pair of shoes to Lake Tyrrell unless you want to be a salt merchant.

4. Skydiving, Cairns

Skydiving in Cairns, Australia

Presenting to you Australia‘s hottest and craziest extreme sport: skydiving. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body when you throw yourself out of the plane, the wind brushing violently against your face as you struggle to focus on the beautiful landscape presented to you from the skies.

Skydiving in Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Byron Bay, Airelie Beach and Whitesunday Islands are some of Australia’s most popular skydiving spots known for their azure beach and clear skies. Prepare yourself mentally and physically as you take the leap of fate from 4000 metres above the ground. Leap into Cairns’ atmosphere at a lightning speed of 220km/h — if this isn’t the ultimate test of courage, we don’t know what else is.

If you’re planning to skydive during winter in Australia, avoid Sydney and Melbourne as these cities may get a little too chilly. We advice you to head over to Queensland for a better weather condition.

5. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Did you know that Great Barrier Reef, the world’s biggest structure made by living organisms, is huge enough to be seen from space? Now you know.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (Tchami)

Australia is blessed with the world’s largest coral reef and marine life, making Great Barrier Reef the perfect place for snorkelling and scuba or skydiving — the ultimate dream land for all marine lovers! It’s no secret that Great Barrier Reef is Australia‘s most prized natural wonder but it’s currently on the brink of extinction.

6. Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island, Queensland (dronepicr)

If Great Barrier Reef is too expensive when you’re on budget holiday, the alternative is Fraser Island, also located at QueenslandFraser Island may not look much from outside, but there’s much to explore on this mysterious island. Have you seen rainforest growing on sand? Shipwrecks and cliffs on sand? Freshwater lake littered with specks of real gold?

Lake Mckenzie, Queensland (Vincent Lee)

If you’re feeling romantic and wish to surprise your significant other, drive an ATV out to Lake Mckenzie located nearby. Lake Mckenzie is popular with lovers due to its heart shape formation. Remember to take some photos for your Instagram and whisper sweet-nothings into your significant other’s ear when you’re lazing around Lake Mckenzie!

On average, Singaporeans spend about 2.5 weeks travelling in Australia, long enough for you to enjoy all these 6 underrated activities in Australia.

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