6 Korean Budget Beauty Products From 2.50 US Dollars

Walking along the streets of Myeongdong, Ewha or Gangnam, you’ll spot countless beauty stores like Laneige, Etude House and Faceshop beckoning for you to enter with their brightly decorated storefront. Are you looking for Korean beauty products to boost your oozing confidence, but you’re on a tight budget? Here are some budget Korean beauty products to help you achieve that Korean make up look you’ve been dying to have, easily available at Drugstores in Korea.

1. Banila Co. CC Cream (US$21.49)

Banila CC Cream
Banila Co. CC Cream (Sokoglam!)

We introduced Banila Co. CC Cream in 7 Beauty Products Under $30 You MUST Buy in Korea (2016 Edition) and we’re going to mention it again. Banila Co. CC Cream takes the cake for being the best CC cream in the market and we kid you not when we say this product is made for ladies like us — lazy, but still wanna look pretty.

Raved by Korean beauty gurus, Banila Co. CC Cream was praised for its high moisture content, basic sun protection, colour-correcting and brightening properties. If you’re looking for a cheap CC Cream that leaves you with a natural, glowing complexion, Banila Co. CC Cream was made for you.

2. Laneige Skin Veil Foundation EX (US$22.23)

If you face the problem of your makeup creasing and fine lines appearing towards the ending of the day, it’s because your foundation is too thick for your skin.

Laneige Foundation
Laneige Skin Veil Foundation EX (Laneige)

The remedy? Use Laneige Skin Veil Foundation EX as your base make up; the light formula is comfortable on the skin, yet thick enough to conceal any imperfections. You can now bid goodbye to fine lines around your eyes!

3. Faceshop Design My Eyebrow (US$2.22)

Faceshop Eyebrow Pencil
Faceshop Design My Eyebrow (Faceshop International)

Ditch your $30 eyebrow pencil because this budget beauty product is a holy grail. Faceshop Design My Eyebrow delivers everything a $30 eyebrow pencil would, at a fraction of the price. At $3, we dare say Faceshop Design My Eyebrow is going to be your best buy in Korea.

(One of our writers at KKday loves Faceshop Design My Eyebrow, she’s on her sixth stick.)

4. Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam (US$17.04)

Laneige Highlighter
Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam (Laneige)

Turns out winter, one of the dullest season, isn’t all white and romantic. Spice up your dark and gloomy winter with Laneige Brush Pact Pink Beam, a highlighter pact with brush that feels absolutely soft and luxurious. Fancy having strangers shower you with compliments about how bright your skin looks?Brush this highlighter on your face for a healthy glow even during the gloomy season!

5. Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher (US$11.12)

Missha Stick Blusher
Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher (Missha)

Who says no to beautiful colours and cute packagings? Blusher on one end and a soft blending brush at the other, Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher is a heaven-sent for lazy people. A quick swipe on your cheek with a bit of blending and you’re good to go!

6. Nature Republic Glossy Lipstick (SGD $15)

Nature Republic Lipstick
Nature Republic Glossy Lipstick (Nature Republic)

Want to achieve that gradient lip Koreans have been crazy about? Do it in a single step with Nature Republic Glossy Lipstick! First, remove any dry skin from your lips, then apply Nature Republic Glossy Lipstick in your inner lips. Now roll your lips inwards then outwards gently and make sure that your lips don’t slide against one another! There you have it, Korean gradient lips in one step.Done shopping for make up in Korea? It’s time to head out for some adventure!