6 Best Beaches in The World For The Perfect Year-End Retreat

Beaches gift us with the best of both worlds, literally. A union between the land and sea, beaches make the perfect holiday retreat for every city dweller. With boundless expanses of white sand and balmy waters, it’s no wonder everyone loves the beach. As the new year approaches, KKday has ranked the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world perfect for your dream year-end escape.

1. Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

Anse Lazio is located on Praslin island, Seychelles (Gerwin Sturm)

Anse Lazio, sitting on the edge of Praslin island, is often regarded as the world’s best beach known for its pristine white sand and cyan tides. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and northeast of MadagascarAnse Lazio’s rust brown boulders are distinctive to Seychelles, adding an oomph to photos from any angle.

Anse Lazio is the perfect place for snorkeling due to its clear waters
Anse Lazio is best known for its clear waters (So Seychelles)

Thanks to its crystal clear waters, Anse Lazio makes an ideal place for snorkelers to watch sea turtles feed by the bay — a rare sight to witness anywhere else.

2. Trunk Bay, United States Virgin Islands

The Trunk Bay is famous for its underwater trail
The Trunk Bay in Saint John (Everett Carrico)

Yet another beach that has been constantly voted as the world’s most beautiful, Trunk Bay is situated on Saint John, one of the many Virgin Islands located in Caribbean Seas.

Trunk Bay is located on Saint John, in the middle of the Caribbean Seas
Rocks lining the coastline of the Trunk Bay (Jackie) 

Besides its stupendous beauty, Trunk Bay is also well known for its 205-metre snorkeling trail — a proud exhibit of the coast’s vibrant marine life. What better way to get up close with aquatic wildlife than through Trunk Bay‘s alluring waters?

3. Waipi’o Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Waipi'o Black Sand Beach is surrounded by the Waipi'o Valley
The Waipi’o Black Sand Beach in Hawaii (Ihilyer_libr)
Waipi’o Black Sand Beach, located in Hawaii, is a prime example of how the most beautiful beaches don’t always need to have glistening white sand.
Waipi'o Black Sand Beach is located at Hawaii
The Waipi’o Black Sand Beach is distinctive for its ebony black sand (Wasif Malik)

As breathtaking as Waipi’o Black Sand Beach is, the beach’s stretch of ebony black sand is arduous to get to. Hidden behind Waipi’o Valley, hikers have to travel through a dangerously steep and deserted route to arrive at Waipi’o Black Sand Beach. However, what’s a little sweat in exchange for Hawaii’s best kept secret?

4. Honopu Beach, Hawaii

Honopu Beach is only reachable by swimming
Honopu Beach in Hawaii (Tavis Jacobs)

Also referred to as the Cathedral BeachHonopu Beach in Hawaii ranks fourth on our list for its jaw-dropping landscape.

Honopu Beach is also known as the Cathedral Beach
Honopu Beach’s turqoise tides from above (Ben Schmitt)

Just like Waipi’o Black Sand BeachHonopu Beach is yet another coast that’s hidden from most travellers. Inaccessible by no means other than swimming, Honopu Beach rewards brave venturers with an impressive view of its mountainous terrains and emerald tides.

5. Baia Do Sancho, Brazil

Baia Do Sancho is considered Brazil's most beautiful beach
Baia Do Sancho’s impressive landscape (Alberto Perdomo)
A trip to Brazil is not complete until you explore the stunning Baia Do Sancho beach, and it takes no whiz to see why.
Baia Do Sancho is a beach at the Fernando de Noronha archipelago
Baia Do Sancho is surrounded by towering cliffs (Almir De Freitas)

Repeatedly crowned as Brazil’s winning beach, Baia Do Sancho is a visual of soft white sand against turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, lying low at the foot of 70-meter towering cliffs covered in lush greenery. Paradise is probably the only word to describe the grandeur of Baia Do Sancho in Brazil.

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