4 Best Countries to Spend Your Winter This Year

Winter is upon us again! If you’re thinking of which country to visit for the best winter experience, read on as KKday scoured through the world for the top four winter destinations you absolutely cannot miss for a magical winter wonderland vibe.

1. Finland

Rovanieme, Santa Village

Finland‘s thermometer is known to show more negatives than positives, so it’s okay to be extra kiasu and pack thicker clothes for you to layer up like an onion. Other than being known for their especially bone-chilling winter, Finland is also home to everyone’s favourite bearded old man who’s always busy during December, Santa Claus.

According to legend, Santa hangs out in a town called Rovaniemi. Go on a guided tour to santa’s hometown, Rovaniemi, and be astounded by the oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness where culture, wild activities and fairytales come together. Not one to believe in childhood fantasy? Santa can change that.

2. Korea

The streets of Korea are always bustling with activity regardless of the season, and winter is no exception. You’d think Koreans hiding under the warm comfort of their blankets at home during winter, but everyone’s actually out on roaming the streets of Korea.

Yongpyong Ski Resort (Tan Cheng Joo)

In fact, Koreans would rather be out taking a romantic walk with attractive lights illuminating the night or skiing in Korea‘s mountainous area. Be a smart tourist and go on a guided ski tour, complete with skiing equipment and a professional coach – you don’t have to worry about breaking a leg anymore.

3. Germany

Traditional Christmas Market in Germany (Rene Schweitzke)

Winter is all about Christmas markets if you’re in Europe. Expect to see cute little stalls congregating in the middle of Germany‘s town square selling all sorts of quaint accessories you never knew you wanted. If you’re feeling hungry and thirsty after walking around, trust your nose to lead you to the sweet and savoury scents and your tastebuds will be well-rewarded.

Christmas Market in Germany (LenDog64)

If you don’t trust your sense of direction when travelling in Germany, get an experience guide to take you on a tour to Munich’s most spectacular Christmas markets. Not only will you know the secrets on how to shop and eat like a German, you’ll get acquainted with the history of Munich‘s centuries-old market, the meaning of Christmas market and the tradition to it.

P.S. You’re not done with Christmas markets till you down a cup of warm glühwein!

4. Sweden

We hate the dark because we don’t know what’s lurking in the dark, but what if someone tells you only in the darkest hour, can you see the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights

Make a trip down to Abisko, known as the frozen wilderness up in the north, is one of the best places in the world to see the enchanting Northern Lights dance elegantly against the night sky.

Barbecue in Wooden Cottage

Never worry about being abandoned in the cold on this day tour in Abisko because you’ll be treated like a royalty. Your absolutely lovable guide will take you on an experience you’ll never forget: a walk along Abisko‘s divine river canyon, a barbecue session in a seemingly traditional wooden cottage and of course, the magical moment where the ethereal Northern Lights appear.

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