7 Most Bizarre Food in The World You Won’t Believe Exist!

There are certain food in this world that may seem godsend for people who adore it but most people just can’t fathom how anyone could have the stomach or guts for it. Prepare yourself becayse KKday has prepared a list of the weirdest and most bizzarre foods on Earth that may trigger your gag reflex.

1. Surströmming, Sweden

Baltic Sea Herring
Surströmming (Wrote)

Love sashimi? Surströmming, the uglier cousin of the beloved sashimi, is said to be the smelliest food on Earth. We’re not surprised, considering Baltic Sea Herring, a raw fish, had been fermented months before being served to patrons. Despite its its rancid odour, the Swedish sees the dish as a staple food. The taste of Surströmming is said to be not as foul as it smells but we’re not going to be the ones to verify it — anyone willing to take one for the team?

2. Escamol, Mexico

Ant larvae
Ants and escamoles (Lennart Tange)

Ever lodge a complaint against a restaurant for having unwanted ants in your food? Not the Mexicans! Escamoles, essentially ants larvae, are often stir-fried in butter and spices in Mexico. Brave souls who have tried Escamoles claim that the ant eggs  have a light nutty taste and are crispier when fried. Escamoles can be served in tacos or omelettes as well, so don’t be startled if you find couple of ants rolled up in your tortilla the next time you’re in Mexico.

3. Balut, Philippines

Baby duck
Balut (Jerick Parrone)

You can’t leave Philippines before trying baluts, Philippines’ famous street snack. A half-developed bird embryo that is boiled and feasted from its very shell, a balut is surprisingly delicious once you get past your qualms about its unsavoury appearance. Balut tastes just like a typical boiled egg, but with a richer duck broth and a crunch to it, sickeningly from the bones of the baby duck.

4. Baby Mice Wine, China and Korea

Mice wine
Mice wine (Yun Huang Yong)

Feeling like your sex drive has been a little down lately? Try some mice wine. Rumoured to have beneficial health properties by the Chinese and Koreans, mice win is to taste like gasoline. Give these baby mice a chance if you’re brave enough — the cuties died to boost your sexual libido.

5. Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia

Plate of fried tarantulas
Plate of fried tarantulas (Paul Mannix)

They say the best way to overcome your fear is to face it or in this case, eat it. Fried tarantulas are considered a speciality street snack in Cambodia, and are easily available along the streets. The tarantulas are reared underground in villages and have an average growth size of up to a human palm. When fried, the tarantulas’ venomous arachnids have a crispy exterior and a soft core — doesn’t sound as intimidating as it looks, right? Shudders.

6. Beondegi, Korea

Silkworm pupae
Silkworm pupae (Charles Haynes)

A popular street snack in Korea, your oppas probably grew up loving these silkworms as an afternoon snack. Beondegi, which directly translates to ‘pupa’ or ‘chrysalis’, are silkworm pupae that have been cooked and seasoned to k-perfection. How about a couple of these bad boys to experience the Korean culture your oppa was brought up in? Close your eyes if you need to, and just pretend the bugs are peanuts.

7. Durians

King of fruits
Durians (Zhao)

Sewage, rotting flesh, wet garbage, dead rats, and the smelliest fruit in the world are just some of the many dreadful names given to every Singaporean‘s beloved national fruit, the DurianDurians are seen as a delicacy and the king of all fruits for those who appreciate its flavour, but for the haters, the fruit probably broke their gross scale.

Whether for boasting rights or the curiosity burning within you, if you’re travelling to the abovementioned countries, dare yourself to go for an authentic experience of the most bizarre food cultures. Who knows? You might actually love it. Bon appétit.

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