15 Things to Do in Taiwan

Ten years ago, less imaginative writers wrote off Taiwan as a ‘Miniature China.’ That description has long outlived its usefulness, let alone its accuracy. Taiwan is a continent in an island, with diverse city sights, natural attractions, and delicious food. Here’s our take on the 15 Things to Do in Taiwan. And for all our readers, keep reading until the end to find out how you can score an exclusive KKday discount on your Taiwan tours and activities!


Visit the Muzha Tea Plantations

Taipei, Taiwan: Muzha Tea Plantations
Each tea variety is produced through a delicate roasting process for a flavourful brew.

Asians are predominantly tea drinkers, and few have a more discerning palette than the Taiwanese. The Muzha Tea Plantations are expansive and aromatic, with vibrant temples and teahouses scattered about, and are best seen through a gondola lift. Visit Three Stone Teapot Museum to witness artisan teapot and tea making ceremony, and sample a variety of Tieguanyin (“iron goddess of mercy”), the local specialty.

Ride the Alishan Forest Railway

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the cherry blossoms blooming.

To efficiently forest off the large cedar trees, the Japanese built an impressive narrow-gauge train. Today, logging has since ended and the government has granted the Alishan Forest national protection, but the Railway,  remains the best way to appreciate. Catch the train before dawn and witness the villages, waterfalls, and high altitude tea plantations baked in the warm glow of the sunrise.

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Trek up Taroko Gorge

Hualient, Taiwan: Taroko Gorge
“Taroko” means “magnificent and beautiful” in the language of the nearby Truku tribe

It’s the rugged and intimidating terrain that draws travelers to hike up some highest peaks in Asia. With certain bends only a meter wide, it’s sheer cliff to your left and a 400 meter drop on your right. The sights are just as dramatic as the climb itself, Taroko Gorge is best experienced through River Tracing: an outdoor activity where travelers wade, climb, and trek through the rivers.

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Climb to the top of Taipei 101

Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei 101
The bamboo shadow moves like a clock hand over the city of Taipei .

At 101 floors, the skyscraper is both an architectural gem and engineering feat. The number eight—for good fortune and prosperity—is a recurring architectural theme, and there is no mistaking the unique silhouette this creates: Taipei 101 defines the Taiwan skyline as a bamboo, a symbol of growth. Climb to the very top in one of the world’s fastest elevators and linger for an afternoon; the shadow it casts creates a natural sundial over the landscaped park.

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Arts, Culture, and History

History Lessons at the National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum houses over 8,000 years of Chinese history and sits as a quiet testament to Taiwan’s complex political climate.

Taipei, Taiwan: National Palace Museum
The National Palace Museum of Taiwan houses some of the world’s finest archives in calligraphy, porcelain, and art.

It begins at the Forbidden City, where the Imperial Family kept dynasties’ worth of treasures dating back to the Song dynasty. Between 1937 and 1949, over 600,000 pieces were bounced around the country, constantly evading the devastation of war—first the Japanese, and then the Chinese Civil War. Many historians claim that not a single artifact was lost along the 20-year journey. 

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Pray for Good Fortune at the Xingtian Temple

Taipei, Taiwan: Xingtian Temple
The incense is said to drive away evil spirits. (Photo credit: lyng883)

For wealth and prosperity: Draw a bamboo fortune, toss wooden jiaobei blocks for your answers, offer whatever food you have on hand, and pray. Xingtian Temple is consistently frequented by visitors seeking divine guidance. You’ll leave the temple with the scent of incense lingering on your clothes; the scent is meant to drive away evil spirits. Keep some of this luck with by purchasing a small, fragrant blessing bag from any of the fortune-telling street vendors.

Catch a live show at The Red House Theatre

Taipei, Taiwan: The Red House Theatre
Red House Theater remains the heart of the Ximendeng District (Photo credit: Nicolas Lannuzel)

Ximendeng’s true personality can be found not on the streets, but on the stage. Its oldest and most prominent building is The Red House Theatre, which has undergone its own set of cultural transformations. It’s donned the face of a marketplace, an opera house, a live performance, and a movie theatre. Today,  it’s all these things at once: a multifunctional cultural centre that regularly hosts live performances and exhibitions. See the energy spill over to the entire district; every street hosts either a small concert, a live performance, or a stall of handmade jewelry.

Release a sky lantern at the Pingxi Railway Tracks

New Taipei, Taiwan: Pingxi Sky Lanterns
The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is typically celebrated at the start of the Spring Harvest Season (Photo credit: Jirka Matousek)

According to folklore, the sky lanterns were originally meant to transmit coded military information. Then they were used to send messages to the beloved deceased. While locals and visitors send up their lanterns year-round, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival at Chinese New Year is a truly moving experience. Thousands of attendees release their paper lanterns adorned with hopes, dreams, and prayers into the night sky, nearly outnumbering the stars.

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Witness Aboriginal Culture Day

Taichung, Taiwan: Aboriginal Culture Day
The Taiwanese continue to remain connected to their Aboriginal roots

The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village gives visitors a glimpse of the colourful indigenous Taiwanese culture. Experience the basket weaving and wood carving, and watch stunning performances of ritual dances to the sound of live music. The best way to reach the Culture Village is through the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, a 7-minute ropeway ride which treats visitors to the incredible view of Sun Moon Lake.

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Food and Shopping

Street eats at Yongkang

Taipei, Taiwan: Yongkang Street
Keep exploring Yongkang Street and work up an appetite for dessert.

Skip the snaking lines for xiao long bao and mango shaved ice and venture for the more exotic dishes. Yongkang Street is packed with everything from sophisticated restaurants serving classic and fusion Taiwanese dishes, to novelty cafes and food stalls that cater to the more experimental and adventurous palette.

Native Delights at Hualien

Hualien, Taiwan: Street Food Stalls
This charming county is teeming with all sorts of native delights (Photo credit: billy1125)

Most people come to Hualien for the incredible natural sights, but Hualien also plays host to some of the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Replenish yourself after hiking the trails of Taroko Gorge, taste a generations-kept family recipe with Hai Pu Oyster Omlette, cure your sushi fix at the Lai Sang Sushi House, and sample the local specialty Dai Ji Bian Shi’s dumpling soup. Still not satisfied? Check out our Ultimate Food Guide to Hualien, Taiwan

Shop at the Shida Night Market

Taipei, Taiwan: Shida Night Mark
The Shida Night Market manages to keep up with its student crowd. (Photo credit: Harsha Goonewardana)

There are hundreds of marketplaces all over Taiwan, but the Shida Night Market, named after the nearby Shida University, has a personality all its own. Every street is bustling with youthful energy and creativity on a student budget, making it one of the best places in Taiwan to look for stylish, inexpensive fashion. Haggle your way to the perfect outfit, and use your spare change to sample all sorts of unique eats. Our advice? Go for the Shi Yun Fried Chicken and the Beigang Tofu Pudding, or check out our Shida Night Market Food Guide.


Get Spirited Away at Jiufen

Jiufen Old Street: The Grand Teahouse
Follow in Chihiro’s steps and visit The Grand Teahouse

The air in this quaint mountain village smells of flavorful tea. Hayao Miyazaki fans will recognize the winding cobblestone lanes and colourful town houses of Jiufen. Visit The Grand Teahouse and see where many authors, poets, and artists—Miyazaki included—come to work. Fancy yourself just a regular traveller? Spend the afternoon experiencing an authentic Taiwanese tea ceremony and sip your tea over the scenic view.

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Paraglide over Rift Valley

Bird’s eye view of the entire Eastern Coast of Taiwan

Hualien sits on the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, with some of the world’s highest sea cliffs, crystal blue-green rivers, and incredible coastlines. The standout sight is the East Rift Valley, named for the mountain range where the Philippine and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Very few places in the world allow you to go from marine tropics to alpine with just a day’s drive, but the best ways to truly drink in the sights is by paragliding. And while the you’ll only be in the air for fifteen minutes, there’s no better way to catch the sights.

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Detox at the Wulai Hot Springs

Taiwan: Wulai Hot Springs
The springs are said to have relaxing and restorative powers (image via Pinterest)

According to the folklore, a member of the Aboriginal Atayal tribe stumbled upon the steaming hot springs and pronounced them dangerous. Now, the hot springs draw crowds worldwide for their relaxing and restorative powers in the middle of incredible mountain landscapes and sparkling rivers. Cap off your Taiwan trip with an aromatherapy session at Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort, where you’ll be treated not only with quality service, but also delicious traditional food.

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With its rich and complex history and unique geography, Taiwan has been described as a continent in a country. Keep coming back to this incredible country; You’ll never run out of things to do.

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