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Pro Tips for Traveling with Your Friends

Who doesn’t want to travel the world with their best friends? It’s the dream, but we at KKday have realized that traveling can either make or break a friendship. Every one will have a different ideal itinerary and trying to communicate and agree on the accommodations, attractions, and budget can be a major headache.


From experience, we at KKday know which phrases will most definitely come up in the planning process that can quickly turn into an argument. No worries. We’re here to help you out to not only make the trip smooth sailing, but one of the best memories you and your friends will ever have.

1. “But I don’t know how to start planning for a trip.”


The internet is full of information about what you can do and where you can visit. Everyone wants to visit fun attractions and you can also opt to follow a tour!

You can use their travel scrapbook to plan your own unique journey by adding photos, clipping articles, and jotting down important details. You can also easily update your plans as they change, and share your Evernote notebook with your friends.

2. “The hotel is too expensive!” or “The hotel is too far away!”


How much are you willing to pay for accommodation? You might have a different number in mind from your friends. Or maybe you can agree on a price, but the hotel is too far away from the sights you want to see.

Another thing to keep in mind is convenient transportation. You can come up with a shortlist of may 5 to 7 budget hotels or hostels with easy access to transportation, then make the decision together as a group.

You will be able to find your “home” with them. Many opt for an Airbnb-booked room or apartment as it gives them the whole local experience, at a cheaper price.

Agoda is a site that gives you the best deals for hotels!

If you are interest in living in a youth hostel, this website would be the best for you to source your hostel.

3. “But, I can’t read a map!” or “I don’t know how to take the subway!”

The last thing you want is to be lost and alone (Photo credit: Eyesplash – Summer was a blast, for 6 million view via VisualHunt / CC BY)

Moving between attractions will require you to walk, take the bus, or the train. This means you need to have an updated and accurate map on hand to keep from getting lost
Make sure everyone has downloaded this app on their smartphone for easy, offline navigation.

4. “I want to go here instead!”

(Photo credit: Jaymis via / CC BY)

Even the most well-planned trip can go down the drain when someone decides to free-spirit. Traveling alone is not recommended, especially if you’re new to the place. Ask everyone what they’d like to see and do during the planning process and research ways to accommodate everyone. Just remember to be both flexible and realistic.

With over 7000 tour activities all over the world, KKday has something for everyone! You can check out our website while planning your itinerary and book experiences with us!

5. “I am tired. Let’s go home.”


Nobody wants to cut their fun short, but everyone has different energy levels, and nothing sparks an argument faster than physical exhaustion. Review your itinerary and make sure the activities aren’t too tiring. Or if you do have jam-packed days, make sure to balance it out with lighter activities the day after—activities that will let you sleep in until noon, or on the train.

6. “You decide. I game for anything.”


It’s possible your  friends who are genuinely cool with anything. But it’s much more likely that they’re hesitant to voice out their opinions and concerns. Avoid complaints and fights when you’re already on your trip by having good and open communication all throughout the trip planning.

Arguments among friends are unavoidable, and are sure to come up when planning a trip. But careful planning, open communication, and flexibility are the key to making this holiday trip a dream come true. So don’t be afraid of the logistics; take that trip with your best friends and make wonderful memories together!

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