Busan at Night: 4 Fun and Different Things to Do

Busan, Korea: Night Bus City Tour

After exploring Busan’s coastal attractions, most travelers hit up the bars, clubs, and pub crawls. But the scenic port city has a whole new side to it once the sun sets and the city lights reflect onto the water. KKday has rounded up 4 unique ways to have fun in Busan at night.

1. Take a Night Tour of the City

Busan, Korea: Night Bus City Tour
Busan, Korea: Night Bus City Tour

No one makes a better tour guide than a local, and the friendly Korean locals on our Night View Tour will show you around some of Busan’s most picturesque scenes. See the Busan Harbor Bridge light up in seasonal colors, revel in the night scenery of Haeundae Beach and Mount Hwangryeongsan, and learn about the city’s history from the friendly guides.

2. Take a Yacht Around Busan

Busan, Korea: Yacht Tour
Busan, Korea: Yacht Tour (image via wikimedia)

But maybe you want to get around the city differently. If you’re looking for a unique way to get around the city, take a yacht tour to get up close to Busan’s waters. Admire the night sky and the fresh sea breeze over a delightful seafood dinner. This romantic night is the perfect date for you and your special someone. For more information about booking a yacht, check out The Bay 101 and their official website.

3. Visit the Night Market

Busan, Korea: Shopping in the Gukje Market
Busan, Korea: Shopping in the Gukje Market (image via wikimedia)

Just like Taiwan, Korea also has a bustling night market scene. Venture to the Gukje Night Market, which started out as a place for Korean War refugees to sell goods and merchandise. Now, the market is alive and bustling with all sorts of great bargains and delicious street food.

4. Watch the Fireworks Show

Admittedly, you can’t do this every night in Busan. But if you’ll be here this October, then the Busan International Fireworks Festival is a definite must-see.  You can catch the show from the Gwangalli Beach, and in between the show you can grab some of Busan’s drool-inducing dishes. Or if you want something quieter, trek up to Mt. Hwangnyengsan, where the air is cool and the sights are incredible. Don’t miss out on this pyrotechnic extravaganza!

Busan, Korea: Busan International Fireworks Festival
Busan, Korea: Busan International Fireworks Festival


There’s just so much to do in Busan, a city bustling with life, food and lights. For more stuff to do, check out our, Autumn Tour to Mt. NaejangsanGimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike Tour, and tickets to the Busan LIFE Aquarium!