Pattaya, Thailand: Your Next Weekend Getaway

 Pattaya, Thailand has boomed from a modest fishing village to one of the world’s best holiday getaways. And while everyone associates Pattaya with an exuberant and notorious nightlife, there’s more to the resort city that meets the eye. Here’s a quick list of things you can do for the next weekend!

1. Hit the beaches

Pattaya, Thailand: Koh Larn Island and Pattaya Beach
Koh Larn Island, Pattaya

Pattaya has an abundance of superb beaches that cater to all sorts of travelers. For the beach bums looking to unwind, head north to Dong Tan Beach, or south to Jomtien. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix at
Koh Larn (or Carol Island) for a day of parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, and all sorts of water sports. If you want to experience the Pattaya nightlife, then stay at Pattaya beach, the city’s busiest and liveliest seaside with lots of shops and bars nearby.


2. Shop at Pattaya’s Floating Market

Pattaya, Thailand: Pattaya Floating Market
[/media-credit] Pattaya Floating Market
Pattaya’s old-fashioned market never fails to draw tourists with its intriguing river-based shops and eateries. These unique markets give visitors an insight into Pattaya’s everyday lifestyle, culture and cuisine. Here, you can hop on a boat, barter with the vendors, grab a bite, and catch a show—all in one day!


3. Zip through the Chonburi Rainforest

Pattaya, Thailand: Flight of the Gibbon Experience
Flight of the Gibbon Experience, Chonburi Rainforest

Watch the Tiffany Cabaret Show
Get your heart racing as you zip through the treetops of Chonburi Jungle with the Flight of Gibbon experience. With the help of experienced professionals from the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll glide through 3 kilometers of thrilling zip lines, sky bridges, and abseils. After your aerial view of the rainforest, enjoy a tram tour around Khao Kheow Safari Park before capping the experience with a hearty Thai lunch.


4. Watch the Tiffany Cabaret Show

Pattaya, Thailand: The Tiffany Cabaret Show
[/media-credit] Tiffany Cabaret Show
In the world of transvestite shows, nothing beats the original. Don’t miss out on the Tiffany Cabaret Show!  and tWhen in comes to live performances, nothing beats the original. If you’re in Pattaya, be sure to catch the original transvestite show, the Tiffany Cabaret Show! Watch as this show brings together some of Thailand’s most talented performers for an evening of world class entertainment. Pro tip: find cheaper tickets to the Pattaya Tiffany Cabaret Show when you book with us!

5. Visit the Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya, Thailand: Sanctuary of Truth
[/media-credit] The Sanctuary of Truth
No matter your religious leanings, seeing Pattaya’s Sanctuary of Truth in person is an awe-inspiring experience. The massive all-wooden structure rises at over 105 meters. Inside, you will find all the walls hand-carved Hindu and Buddhist deities and motifs. The ancient art and architecture is meant to be a reflection of the Ancient Vision of the Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. Book your cultural trip to this religious wonder over here.


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