Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Flower Festivals To Up Your Instagram Game This Spring

Spring is just round the corner and boy, are we stoked for it! It is the season for when pink veils the Earth, and flower festivals are held to celebrate the coming of new life. If you’re heading to Taiwan this cherry blossom season, here are the city’s top flower festivals that will change your Instagram photos into #feedgoals.

1. Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival

Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival

There’s NO way we’ll miss out on this one. Simply google the best cherry blossom festivals in Taiwan, and Alishan will be screaming for your attention. Located in Chiayi county, Alishan Forest Recreation Area is famed for its annual cherry blossom festival, occurring from mid March to April. Featuring over 19,000 cherry trees within 1400-hectares of ground, Alishan is engulfed in reverie pink during spring season, making it one of the loveliest places for your #OOTD shots in Taiwan. 

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2. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossom Festival

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossom Festival (Mark Kao)

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Sun Moon Lake, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village’s yearly flower festival celebrates the bloom of cherry trees along the lake and amusement park. As part of the festival, lamp lights are placed under each cherry tree at eventide, creating an absolutely enchanting ambience by night. There’s no need for VSCO filters over your selfies at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village — the festival’s gorgeous evening lights does the trick.

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3. Yangmingshan Flower Festival

Yangmingshan Flower Festival (eazytraveler)

The annual Yangmingshan Flower Festival takes place every February to March, celebrating its sea of flowers consisting of azaleas, camellias, peach blossoms and many more. Who needs Snapchat’s basic flower crown when you’ve already got a bed of blooms all around you?If you’re looking for a piece of nature in Taipei city, Yangmingshan National Park is your go-to. Lying amongst mountainous areas, Yangmingshan National Park is renowned for its breathtaking vistas owed to an abundance of foliage, hot springs, hiking trails and cherry blossoms.

4. Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

Hakka Tung Blossom Festival (goteamjosh)

For more travel activities around Taiwan: Taiwan’s yearly Hakka Tung Blossom Festival is the definition of snow-white splendour. Often dubbed as the “April Snow”, white tung blossoms are considered a significant symbol of Taiwan’s Hakka culture due to its economic aid during the Japanese occupation. Today, the alabaster-white flowers are celebrated with the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival, where visitors can expect a party of traditional Hakka performances, handicraft and food.

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