THIS is How You Have Fun In Busan at Night!

There’s more to Busan’s nightlife than just clubbing and getting wasted. Discover a whole new Busan after the sun sets as you awe at the millions of lights at the night view of Busan’s port. Wondering what travellers are up to in Busan at night? KKday brings you 4 ways to have fun in Busan at night.

1. Night Tour in Busan

Busan night view of bridge

How can any travel experience be more authentic than having Koreans bringing you around Busan? Don’t worry about the language barrier because the tour guides are fluent in English. Get chummy with local Korean guides as they bring you around to some of Busan‘s famous landmarks and observatory decks to take in the marvellous view of Busan at night. See the beauty of Busan‘s port and get to know the story behind it.

2. Night Tour in Busan For the Free-Spirited

If you wish to explore Busan on your own, the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus is perfect for you. As the name suggests, you choose where you wish to get on and off at any location you wish or you can relax in the bus, enjoying the night view of Busan with the light breeze brushing against your face on the open air double-decker bus.

3. Yacht Night in Busan

Enjoying Busan night view on a yacht

If touring Busan by bus sounds a little too mainstream, opt for a unique experience by going a yacht to admire Busan‘s night skies? The sound of waves accompanied by fresh seafood, breathtaking scenery, music, fine wine and wonderful company — there’s no more luxurious way to enjoy Busan.

The Bay 101
Address: Busan Gwangyeok-si, Haeundae-gu, Dongbaek-ro 52
Phone: 051-726-8888
Operating Hours: 10:00 to 24:00
Website: www.thebay101.com

4. Late Night in Busan

Just like how Taiwan is famous for their night markets, Korea has their version of night markets as well. If you’re feeling ravenous after touring Busan, get yourself some beer and tapas to appease your stomach at Korea’s pojang-maja — small street stalls that sells alcohol and food.

After filling your stomach, take a hike up Hwangnyungsan Mountain. The 20 minute hike treats your eyes to an absolutely jaw dropping panorama view of Busan.

There’s just so much to do in Busan, a city bustling with life, food and lights. If you have already been to Busan and is considering a second trip, don’t forget to give a shot at the activities specially recommended by us!

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