Best New Year’s Eve Parties Across the World

Best New Year's Eve Parties Around the World: Edinburgh, Scotland

We’ve rounded up some of the world’s best New Year’s Eve parties so you can start 2018 with a bang. Grab a drink, your best party outfit, and a noisemaker and prepare to ring in the new year in one of these incredible destinations.

Boracay Island, the Philippines

Best New Year's Eve Parties: Boracay, Philippines
Best New Year’s Eve Parties: Boracay, Philippines (image via Shutterstock)

If you’re looking to spend the holidays soaking up some sun and sand, then head to Boracay Island. Not only does it boast of powder-white sand and incredible sunsets, but the tiny island is host to some of the best New Year’s Eve parties. Choose from several parties across the various beaches on a pub crawl, but head to Station 2 at midnight for an epic fireworks show.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Best New Year's Eve Parties Around the World: Edinburgh, Scotland
Best New Year’s Eve Parties: Edinburgh, Scotland (image via Shutterstock)

With origins in  the Viking celebration of Winter Solstice,  Hogmanay is a spectacular outdoor festival. Stretching out for three days, calling it a great New Year’s party would be an understatement. It starts off with a procession of torches around Parliament Square to Calton Hill. Day two is a day of street parties and musical festivals, with four -five tons of fireworks blasting over Edinburgh castle to welcome the new year. Hogmanay culminates with what feels like a country-wide chorus of “Auld Lang Syne.”


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best New Year's Eve Parties Around the World: Rio, Brazil
Best New Year’s Eve Parties: Rio, Brazil (image via Fotolia)

Rio pulls out all stops when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Come dressed in white (for good luck) with flowers in hand, and head to Copacabana Beach for one of the wildest New Year’s Eve parties in the world. Enjoy dancing and live performances. Once the clock strikes midnight, toss your flowers into the sea as an offering to the Sea Goddess before heading back to party.

Koh Phangan Island, Thailand

Best New Year's Eve Parties Around the World: Koh Phangan, Thailand
Best New Year’s Eve Parties: Koh Phangan, Thailand (image via Shutterstock)

You’ll want to pace yourself for this one, as the typically laid-back beach paradise of Thailand transforms into one of the most fired up celebrations in the world. Hop from bar to bar and down flaming shots. Join in fire limbo games before making your way to Haad Rin Beachfor a spectacular fireworks show as the clock strikes midnight. The party starts at sunset and stretches all the way into New Year’s Day afternoon— or for as long as you can party!


Reykjavik, Iceland

Best New Year's Eve Parties Around the World: Reykjavik, Iceland
Best New Year’s Eve Parties: Reykjavik, Iceland (image via Shutterstock)

A New Year’s Eve vacation in Iceland always makes for a great holiday, because of its breathtaking scenery and the elusive Northern Lights (READ: Where to See the Northern Lights: Last-Minute Northern Lights Tour). Celebrations start as early as 4 p.m., with bonfire parties scattered all over the city—a  tradition meant to burn away the past year’s bad luck and negative energy. Afterwards, experience Iceland’s party scene and head to the bars and nightclubs with some newfound friends (Icelanders are also known to be quite friendly), before catching a national display of fireworks to welcome the new year.