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10 Best Hong Kong Markets Guide

Hong Kong Market: Sneakers Street

When it comes to finding souvenirs and must-buy Hong Kong products, the Hong Kong markets are one of the go-to spots for shopping. You’ll find a variety of markets in Hong Kong, each with its own niche theme or products. Wondering where to find Hong Kong antiques? There’s a market for that! What about delicious Hong Kong street food? There’s a market for that too. We’ve made shopping manageable with a guide to the best Hong Kong markets.

#1 Ladies’ Market

Hong Kong Markets: Ladies' Market
Ladies’ Market, Hong Kong

Make your way to Ladies’ Market in Kowloon, one of the best Hong Kong markets for fashion. Here, you can deck yourself out in the latest styles at a bargain. Walk the laneways and check out over 100 stalls to find clothing, accessories and even souvenirs. The market is open late into the night and located on Tung Choi Street, marking it a convenient stop for tourists.

#2 Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong Markets: Temple Street Market
Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

Temple Street Night Market makes our list of the best Hong Kong markets because it features a little bit of everything. Head over and browse stalls of mens’ and women’s clothing and accessories, toys, electronics, jade and souvenirs. Temple Street Night Market is also a destination for local food; sample wonton noodles, dumplings and delicious dim sum at the surrounding restaurants.

#3 Cat Street (Upper Lascar Row) Antique Market

Hong Kong Markets: Cat Street
Cat Street, Hong Kong

Step back in time at Cat Street Antique Market. Peruse the shops and pick up traditional Chinese coins, jade, reproductions, and vintage figurines from Cat Street Antique Market. If you’re into history or retro goods, Cat Street is the best Hong Kong market.

#4 Sneakers Street, Fa Yuen Street

Hong Kong Markets: Sneakers Street
Sneakers Street, Hong Kong

Serious sneakerheads know to *run* to Sneakers Street in Kowloon for a huge variety of running shoes. *Track* down shoes for everything from basketball to golf and *score* discounts on brand name, quality shoes. These puns write themselves.

#5 Goldfish Market

Hong Kong Markets: Goldfish Market
Goldfish Market, Hong Kong

The feng shui practice believes that goldfish bring luck and good wishes to your home, so it’s no surprise that the Goldfish Market is one of the best Hong Kong markets. The market in Mong Kok boasts thousands of bagged fish; everything from the common goldfish to pricey tropical fish).

#6 Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Hong Kong Markets: Bird Garden
Bird Garden, Hong Kong

The Bird Garden is one of the best Hong Kong markets because it’s totally #instaworthy. Walk through the Bird Garden and witness dozens of stalls selling cages, and exotic birds. Take a break from busy Hong Kong and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and listen to the birds singing.

#7 Apliu Street Flea Market

Hong Kong Markets: Apliu Street Flea Market
Apliu Street Flea Market, Hong Kong

In need of a telephone, batteries or some miscellaneous electronic goods? Explore Apliu Street Flea Market and grab all of the above. Find audio cables, second-hand electronic home goods, tripods and everything in between.

#8 Kowloon City Wet Market

With over 500 stalls, it’s the biggest wet market in Hong Kong and one of the best Hong Kong markets in general. Check out the tanks of fresh lobsters and crabs before stopping for a Hong Kong breakfast.

#9 Dried Seafood Street and Tonic Street

Hong Kong Markets: Dried seafood street and tonic street
Dried Seafood Street and Tonic Street, Hong Kong

Pick up traditional dried goods at the Dried Seafood Street and Tonic Street. The practice goes back to when products were dried on rooftops to be sold in shops. Discover black moss, salted fish, and herbs and spices like ginseng said to be beneficial for your health.

#10 Chun Yeung Street Wet Market

Hong Kong Markets: Chun Yeung Street Wet Market
Chun Yeung Street Wet Market, Hong Kong

For a taste of local, daily life, visit Chun Yeung Street Market. While less toursity, it’s an awesome experience nonetheless. Hop on a tram that runs through the market and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Hong Kong. Observe Hong Kong residents doing their everyday shopping for fresh vegetables, fish and meat.