6 Money Saving Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. Unfortunately Japan’s capital city is also a notoriously expensive place to go. What can we do about it? Well, have you considered staying in one of the capsule hotels? Tokyo has many capsule hotel options and they’re great for cutting costs. KKday sorts out the best choices, so you get to save money and don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort. Sleep well!

1. Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

Located in Nishiarai, northern Tokyo, Emblem Hostel Nishiarai is a clean, cheap and comfortable choice for travelers in Tokyo. The rooms are more spacious than most capsule hotels with both dormitory and private room types available. The hostel doubles up as a cafe and bar, and also provides communal kitchen, lounge and terrace garden.

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

Emblem Hostel has a 7 -11 and supermarket nearby and is right next to Nishiarai Station. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Tokyo Skytree, but it will require longer to get to areas such as central Tokyo, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

  • Address: 3-33-6 Umejima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 121-0816
  • Book it here
  • Prices: From 2000 to 3000 yen per person in dormitory rooms. 2-4 person private rooms range from 10,000 to 16,000 yen
  • Transport: 1 Minute from Nishiarai Station Exit

2. Book And Bed Tokyo

Book And Bed

The hipster’s choice, Book And Bed Tokyo has sleek wooden capsules and literally lets you sleep amongst the bookshelves. Laid out across said bookshelves are a huge collection of books and magazines, the idea behind this capsule hotel is to bring reading material to bed and gently drift off with a good book. It’s right next to Ikebukuro Station, which is a major Tokyo subway station, with links to most of the city’s major destinations.

  • Address: 1-17-7, Lumiere Buillding 7th floor, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0021
  • Prices: From 3800 to 5800 yen depending on bed size and day of the week
  • Official Website
  • Transport: 1 Minute from Ikebukuro JR Line West Exit/ Ikebukuro Subway Exit C8

3. Bunka Hostel Tokyo

Flickr | kennejima


Flickr | kennejima

Bunka Hostel is within 2 minutes of the famous Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. This is a well equipped hostel with a cool, modern industrial style design. It even has a bar downstairs to enjoy drinks with friends in, and there’s no need to worry about late night transport issues either, with your room just upstairs! Each floor is safely secured by key card that guests receive on check in. Bunka offers private and shared bathroom facilities, with private coming at a slightly higher cost. As well as the previously mentioned Senso-ji Temple, the surrounding area has many different shops and restaurants and there are also great views of Tokyo Skytree just over the other side of Sumida River.

4. Akihabara Bay Hotel (Females Only)

Akihabara Bay Hotel


Akihabara Bay Hotel

Sorry guys this one’s for women only. The hotel gives the ladies a nice place to escape mixed dormitories. This capsule hotel is not only spacious and bright, it’s also decorated from top to bottom in pink and white in true girly style. Capsules here come with a TV option for a slight extra cost, and the hotel will also provide towels, shampoo and skin care products!

  • Address: 44-4 Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0022
  • Price: Capsules range from 3800 to 6900 yen, depending on the date and if you choose a capsule with a TV. Bay Hotel also offers discounts to those booking early or for stays lasting over 2 nights
  • Official Website
  • Transport: 4 Minutes from Akihabara Station, 7 minutes from Suehirocho Station and Iwamotocho Station



This is a new capsule hotel from the MYSTAYS group, a 5-minute subway ride from Tokyo Skytree. The price is slightly higher when compared to most other capsule hotels, but for that additional cost you receive a generous, spacious area for extra comfort. The public area at MyCUBE includes a lounge bar for relaxing with friends and family.

  • Address: 2-6-7 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051
  • Price: 4000 to 6000 yen, depending on the date and if you choose the optional included breakfast
  • Official Website
  • Transport: 2 Minutes from Kuramae Station, 15 minutes from Asakusa Station

6. Khaosan Hostel

Khaosan Hostel


Khaosan Hostel

Finally we come to Khaosan Hostel, with plans to suit just about every type of traveler. Khaosan has branches in Tokyo and across the rest of Japan. With various designs and themes such as origami, samurai and kabuki, different hostels will also offer certain room types to cater for single travelers, couples, families or friends. Check the website to find the right option for you.